50+ Rainy Good Night Quotes and Wishes to get into this yummy mood

50+ Rainy Good Night Quotes and Wishes to get into this yummy mood

Who doesn’t like to sleep with that nice rain, right? The noise of the drops hitting the windows, the smell of wet earth and that cozy feeling are perfect to lull anyone to sleep. And to make everything even more comfortable, we’ve separated these beautiful phrases of good night in the rain for you to read and share!

Good Night Quotes with rain that will make you very relaxed and happy

Goodnight! I came to wish you a shower of affection.

A shower of love for us! Good night sleep well.

Nothing better than sleeping with rain music! Goodnight.

What a rain! I love gray and rainy days, especially for sleeping. Goodnight!

No matter how big the storm, remember: it will pass. Goodnight!

May a shower of blessings fall on your home. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Here goes a shower of stars to light up your night.

Goodnight! May a rain of blessings fall on you, bringing peace, tranquility and good dreams.

Today the rain may fall and nothing will shake us. Good night people!

I love rainy nights! I see rain as a blessing. Goodnight!

There’s nothing better than sleeping with that little noise of rain, is there? Good night to all of us!

May this night’s rain clean all things! Have a good night!

A blessed shower to let everything bloom the next day! Goodnight.

Good night for those who are also looking forward to sleep with this wonderful sound of rain falling!

Goodnight! I ask God to shower a shower of joy on your family.

Pray to God that He will protect all the homeless people in all this rain. Goodnight!

God is so good that he always sends a blessed shower on dry days. Goodnight!

May this rain renew the air, fill the rivers and wash away everything that is not good. Goodnight!

Goodnight! After so many dry days, there’s nothing better than a nice and blessed rain, right?

Goodnight! Who also loves a rainy night?

Stopping by to wish you a shower of good things in your life, today and always. Goodnight!

Never forget that after the rain comes the sun and sometimes a beautiful rainbow. Goodnight!

And if nothing goes well, dance in the rain. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Instead of complaining about the rain, thank the universe for all the blessings it brings.

A shower of peace, love and tranquility for you and your entire family! Goodnight.

Goodnight! May the universe be gentle and shower a shower of light on all of us!

A rainy night, a movie, my love and lots of popcorn: that’s what I need to be happy! Goodnight!

Good night, group! Stopping by to wish you all a shower of success!

The rain is temporary, so take the opportunity to dance among the drops, as the sun is coming soon! Goodnight.

Goodnight! May God shower a shower of love and prosperity on all His children in need. Amen!