Isolated location:

“Love, don’t do this. Hamare liye game hai, but she might not like it!” Kush screams.

“Okay, I won’t,” says Luv

“But can we at least go Home!?” Luv added.

“Fine! I’m so excited yaar, to meet Akshu and Aar-” Kush is interrupted by Luv riding off. “Ouch! Wait!”

In Goenka Village:

“Akshu, Aaru!” Naira called her daughters.

“Kya Hua Mumma!” Akshu asked.

“Haan Mumma, what happened?” said Aaru.


“WAS HERE!!!!” Two voices called out from outside.

“Love Bhaiya! Kush Bhaiya!” Akshara and Aarohi screamed and ran outside.

“How are our witches?” Luv asked, laughing.

“Akshu Di, he is telling you!”

“Nahi Aaru, he is talking to you!”

“You don’t!”

“You don’t!”

The no you – no you went on for a long time, and Luv Kush came in and met Kartik, Naira and introduced himself to Abhi, Neil and Manjari.

5 years later… Akshu, Aaru, Abhi and Neil are now 17 years old.

“Mommy! Daddy! Akshu was running around the house, looking for his parents when he saw Luv and Kush.

“Akshu, Kya Hua? Naira Masi aur Kartik Chachu.. they left!”

At that moment, Luv’s phone rang.

“Hi?” He said. “Police??? What, not that-“

“Kya hua Luv Bhaiya?” Aaru asked.

“Chachu aur Masi…”

“While they were returning home… and Bade Papa, Bade Mumma and Mimi are coming to stay with us..”

Akshu and Aaru fall to the ground as their brothers comfort them. Abhi comes clapping.

“Abhimanyu?!” Kush says.

“Akshara, you were saying that my mother is more important to you.. hai na?”

“Haan Abhi..kyu?”

“So how can you leave my mother in an accident with a pool of blood all around her?!” Abi says.

“I didn’t even know that Auntie Manjari had an accident, Abhi! And what about Ruby?

“Ruby ka kya?” Abhi asked.

“Hotel ke room me Ruby ke sath KYA ​​kar rahe the tum?!” Akshu was now angry. Neil, Aaru, Luv and Kush tried to stop her and him but were unsuccessful.

“Ruby ne- Don’t swerve! Why did you let my mother die!!”

“I do not! And the Birla hospital is on fire, you didn’t mind telling me Abhimanyu!!”

“OH REALLY?! Well, what about AHAAN?! You’ve been getting closer to him these past few weeks!

“Akshu! Abhimanyu! Stop arguing like 5 year olds, you two are seventeen now!!” Mimi said.

“Mimi, she thinks I wa- who am I saying, aap to Akshara ka side lo ge.” Abi says.

“ABHIMANYU BIRLA!” Bade Papa, aka Manish, yelled.

“Arrey Bade Pa bhi yes..!”

“Abhimanyu!” Akshu shouted. She was furious.

“Neil, let’s go.” Abhi said. “Let’s get our things and leave, we can’t – especially I can’t live with LIARS.”

“Haan, Jao, we can’t live either, we cheaters!” Akshu said, and she stormed into her room, her sister following.

“Di! Di! Kya tha VO?” Aaru said as soon as they were in Akshu’s room.

“Just because I was with Ahaan, he thought I was cheating! And he wasn’t with Ruby?

“He…he was…but you two didn’t react well!”

“OK..! OK..! Now I don’t want to talk about him.. now just shh! And let me play my guitar..!”

Present: In New York, The Aldyn Apartments – NYC

New characters: Ahaan (Kairav, but changed to Ahaan – Mayank Arora) Shreya (Anisha, but changed to Shreya – Kashish Rai)

“So that’s why, 5 years ago, me and him broke up. Do you understand Ahaan? says Akshu.

“Akshu Di,” said Ahaan on the call. “You never contacted him again? And why didn’t you tell him I’m your brother?”

“Okay. Ugh, I’m so hungry. Akshu got up, but a vase of flowers fell over.

“Di, you are not hungry, you are hungry.”

“Ahaan Goenka!!”

The bell rings.

“Did you order something? Ahaan asks looking away from his phone.

“Yes, pizza, what else, right Di?” Aaru joins the call making it a conference, from her office at the hospital. “Di, we miss you so much. You can go back… Bhai, did you tell her?

“No. I was waiting for you.”

“OK. So…me and Neil, and Ahaan Bhai and Shreya Bhabhi, are getting married by the way. And you have to come! After all, it’s your brother and sister’s wedding!

“First of all congratulations to all of you. I will have to check with my manager, Akanksha, what are my days off and whether or not I can come. I have a lot of book posters lately, and I also have musical patients. Akshu gets up to open the door and takes the pizza. “And… he’ll be there… and why not, it’s his brother and sister’s wedding too.”

“Neil and Shreya are talking to him. Apparently he is also in NY..staying in…”

“Aldyn Apartments. Number 22. Floor 4.

“So I have to face him here too?! I am No. 23 and the 4th floor…!”

“Dr. Aarohi, Dr. Niharika is waiting. Aarohi’s secretary, Nia says.

“Ok I’m on my way! Guys, I’ll talk later.” Aaru left the call.

“Di, what time is it there?” Ahaan asks.

“Ahaan, it’s 21:10 there, right? So it’s 10 hours apart!!”

“Ah, so it’s 11:10 am here! Now, bye, let me enjoy my favorite movie ever, Student of the Year and eat my pizza! Akshu ends the call.

“Ah! Is Kya ho sakta hai the Sunday pair that will ruin everything?!” says Akshu.

Back to Udaipur: Birla House:

“Bade din bad tune call kiya Neil, Shreya?!”

“Bhai, Ahaan and I are getting married!”

“Bhai, me and Aarohi are getting married!”

“For your brothers… uske hi bhai behen mile kya?” Abi asks.

“Bhai, come on. It’s been 8 years since that. That same day, their parents – our future in-laws – died. Shrey said.

“Since when—since when has this been happening? Abhi asks.

“Me and Aarohi since I was 22, Bhai.” Neil says.

“Me and Ahaan since I was 21, Bhai.” says Shreya.

“HAAN?! Her boyfriend, he?! How could you choose him SHREYA?!” Abhi shouts through the phone.

“He’s not her boyfriend, he’s her little brother!!”

“Yes, whatever. BYE!!!!” Abhi ends the call.

“Manjari, ek cup chai bana de.” says Harsh.

“Lord, why don’t you ask yourself to do this? Why, mom?!” Shreya tells Harsh.

“Shreya, ek cup chai bana de.” Harsh tells Shreya.

“No, I need to go talk to someone…”

“And Ma bhi nahi de gi. Khud le lo. Shreya adds.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Kartik and Naira died! Akshu and Abhi are 26 years old, and Aaru and Neil are 24 now! ShreyAan (If you have a better ship name for Shreya-Ahaan then comment!) NeiRohi is getting married! Will Abhi be able to face Akshu? And will Akshu be able to face Abhi after 8 years?

Keep reading to find out!