Chapter 2.

“Sir. and Mrs. Goenka ka accident hua hai!” Aniya whispered.

“Ma’am, false alarm hai. They are not. It’s someone else, but it’s not the parents of this class, or the parents of anyone at this school!” Nisha said.

Naira and Kartik entered the hall.

“See, I told you, ma’am,” Nisha said. “They are not.”

Kartik and Naira went to Aniya.

“Akshara, Aarohi, Abhimanyu and Neil are there.” Aniya said.

“OK thank you!” The couple went to pick up their 4 children.

“Do you have all your stuff?” Kartik asked.

“Yes Dad!”

“Yes uncle!”

“Let’s go home then.”

In the car..

“Uncle, why didn’t our parents come get us?” Neil asked

“Your daddy is busy and your mommy is busy too.” Naira answered.

Abhi was quiet. He knew they weren’t busy. He knew that Harsh, as usual, had not allowed Manjari to come to school.

“And we talked to your parents, they said you would stay at our house until the lockdown ended.”

“What about our things?” Abhi asked.

“Your father left you earlier today.”

“Okay… but online learning?”

“We managed to pull some strings and got you two laptops. 1 each. So you can’t lose.”

“Um… TRAFFIC!” said Aaru.

“AARU! No traffic then!” Akshu said.

“Chipkali strikes again!” Neil says.

“Chamkadar!” Akshu shouted. “Don’t call my behen a chipkali!!” She faked a punch.

“Dana methi!” Abhi screamed. “Don’t hit my brother!” He gently tugged on her hair.

“Chidkuram!” Aaru screamed. “Don’t pull my behen’s hair!” She pretended to punch him.

“Chipkali!” Neil screamed. “Don’t hit my brother!” He gently tugged at her hair as well.

“These children!” Naira said. “Children, be quiet! What is all this, Methi Dana, Chipkali, Chidkuram, Chamkadar!? What’s all this!?”

“I know! If they’re like this now, how about until the lockdown ends!” Kartik said.

“Probably won’t end until next year!” Naira replied. “I say we should leave them to Gayu Di, Naksh Bhai and Kirti Bhabhi! They can handle Krish, Vansh and Vatsal and Krishna, so they can handle 4 more! You can not!?”

“True. Children, let’s drop you off at the home of Gayu Masi, Naksh Mamu and Kirti Bua.

“Not! Not! They are so strict! Akshu and Aaru said in sync.

“Because they have 4 children to take care of. And they hold 8!!”

“We can’t hold 2 but they can hold 4 more!!”

“No, please no!”

“Do you think we are THAT strict Akshu and Aaru!?” Naksh said, on the call.

“They heard!”

“And they saw your fight too. Calling Akshu Methi Dana! Calling Aaru Chipkali! Calling Neil Chamkadar! And calling Abhi Chidkuram!” Naira said.

Akshu crossed his arms and so did Aaru.

“That’s like good children! Naksh, Kirti, Gayu, we won’t drop you off at Singhania Sadan, we’ll just take you to Goenka Villa. says Kartik.

“Okay Kartik, fine. But bring them some time.

“After the Bhai lockdown. Kitne bad gaye hai cases.

“Yes, even in London. ”

“Be careful, bad me bat karte hai.”

Naira hangs up and turns around, surprised to see that her youngest daughter is not as chatty as she used to be.

“Aaru, why are you so quiet?” Naira asked.

“Mommy! Shh, Hw kar rahi hai!

“Don’t do it now, we’re here.” Kartik said upon seeing his father.

“Abhimanyu, your father called.” Manish gave Abhi the phone.

“Ji sir.” Abhi said. “Kya kar sakta hoon aapke liye?”

“Don’t try to be a hero. You’re staying there until the lockdown ends, and I don’t want any of your complaints. Your mother is coming to stay. I don’t want her with my guests. ”

Why is Abhi calling his father sir? Akshu thought to herself.

When Abhi ended the call, he saw Akshu.

“Why did you -” Akshu had to pause when Naira came. “I’ll ask you later.” she whispered

“Akshu, Aaru, good news! Your Luv Bro and Kush Bro are coming! I just spoke to Shubham, they’re on their way.” says Kartik.

“Shubham kon hai!?”

“Luv aur Kush Bhaiya! Yay! They are so COOL!” said Aaru.

“Love bro? Kush brother? Shubham? Ab, who are they? Abhi asked.

“Akshu and Aaru’s twin cousins! And Shubham is their father, Naira’s elder brother, though younger than Naksh…” Kartik replied. “Naira’s, uh, I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but Naira’s chamche! ”

“They loved my Kachoris-”

“And they left nothing for me, mere bhi Khate the” Kartik acted irritated, and Naira laughed.

“Akshu, kya tum mile ho?” Abhi asked.

“Yes! Bhai hai hamare, of course they are! They are so COOL! Like Aaru said, you’ll want to stay up all night and play!” Akshu put her arm around her younger sister.

“Haan haan, but that doesn’t mean you stay up all night, girls!” Kartik smiled.

“Mumma, you can call and ask where they are!” Akshu asked.

“Haan Mumma! Please!” Aaru asked as well.

“OK..! OK..! Jitna excited ham hai, use aur excited Akshu aur Aaru hai,” Naira said. “I’ll call Kush, Kartik tum Luv ko phone karo.”

Somewhere isolated…

“Honey, that was so FUN! But dangerous, we must not do it again!” Kush said getting up from the bike.

“Kush ya, why are you so scared!” Luv teased his twin.

“No- Naira Bua ka phone aya!” Kush said.

“To, why are you so ex- You said NAIRA BUA!? I hope Dad didn’t tell them we were coming.

“Of course he would have, but I hope they didn’t tell Akshara or Aarohi.”

“Why are you calling them by their full names?” Luv asked.

“I don’t know-” Kush stopped in his tracks. “Love, why are you smiling?”

“Oh no,” said Kush.

“No love, NO!”

“Yes, Kush, yes.”




“Kush? Who are you saying no to!?” Naira asked, and Luv Kush didn’t know that his Naira Bua was listening.

“Oh God Bua,” Kush slapped himself. “No, nothing.”

“First NO? Okay let him, Akshu and Aaru are so looking forward to seeing you! Where did you arrive? Naira asked, gave her daughters a wink and left. Kartik patted his daughters on the head and left too. Aaru and Neil left and Abhi and Akshu could hear them arguing in the hallway.

“Now Abhi, why did you call-” Akshu was interrupted by his sister and Neil.

“Di, tell him na!”

“Bhai, tell HER na!”

“Hua Kya!?” Abhi and Akshu said in unison.

“He/she called me Chamkadar/chipkali AGAIN!” Aaru and Neil said.

“He called me Chip-”

“He called me Chipkali!” Abhi played with her but Akshu did not like this and she pushed him away.

“Neil! Let’s go!” said Aaru. “This is because of us!”

“Stop this!” Aaru screamed.

“Bai stop!” Neil screamed.

“Kya ho Raha Hai?!” Naira came with Kartik.

“Mumma Di and Abhimanyu are fighting!” said Aaru.

“Naira Ji?” said Manjari.

“Manjari Ji! Yes!” Naira said.

“Akshu, Abhi, stop arguing!”

“Dost me hota hai!” Abi stated.

“Okay. But not anymore! You have to stay together here!” Kartik said.

Manjari has arrived! And the Luv Kush are coming! But what is Abhi hiding from Akshu?

Keep reading to find out…