80+ Positive Good Night Quotes to Enjoy a Good Rest

When night falls, we bring with us the achievements made during the day and the hopes we hold for a new tomorrow. So, if you want to praise the well-deserved rest of someone who is special to you, how about using one of our positive goodnight phrases to show your affection and wish the best for that person? Check out our suggestions below!

Positive goodnight quotes that are like a warm hug


Goodnight! The time has come to calm the mind and calm the heart. After all, with the grace of God, we won another day.

A good night’s sleep today is the beginning of an accomplishment-filled day tomorrow. Take a few minutes to reflect on everything that happened that day, retain what is good and learn from what could have been better. This is the secret!

Goodnight! Relax and take a dose of peace, because tomorrow there’s more!

Sleep is a good opportunity to renew dreams and hope for better days. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Difficult moments bring great lessons, it’s up to us to recognize them.

Be kinder to yourself, think about what you can do for the other and the world will repay you with great achievements. Sleep well!

Goodnight! A life without dreams is doomed to failure. Believe and always wish for more!

The future belongs to God, rest in His arms and trust His plans. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Don’t waste your time on those who despise you, focus on those who value second chances.

Sleep in peace knowing the universe is conspiring on our behalf. Goodnight!

Goodnight! We are love wherever we go and that is enough.

Goodnight! When we do our best, we are sure that when we close our eyes, we will be rewarded with a wonderful night’s rest.

May insomnia serve to reconnect us with the wonders we overlook during the day. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Don’t let hate harden your heart. May sweetness always overcome bitterness.

Our dreams are the motivation we need to keep moving forward. Dream, fear not and make it happen. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Fall asleep with a dream, but wake up wanting to take it off the paper and color it with hope.

Believing that tomorrow will be better is what allows us to rest in peace today. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Whatever the battle, the important thing is to keep fighting.

Don’t let the problems take your sleep, find the resolution for each of them in your dreams. Goodnight!

Darkness comes so that the moon’s brightness becomes even more present. So, it happens in the darkest moments of our lives. When it comes, they serve to uplift our light. Goodnight!

A good night and an even more wonderful dawn!

Goodnight! May the Lord continue to watch over our sleep and our dreams so that tomorrow is perfect according to His will.

After a busy day, it’s time to let go of your problems and renew your energies for a tomorrow of new opportunities. Goodnight!

Goodnight! May difficult days be replaced by others of peace and tranquility.

Memorable days yield nights with sweet dreams. Goodnight!

Goodnight! When resting your head on the pillow, sleep remembering the great deeds of your life and you will wake up with energy to conquer more and more.

Be kinder to yourself and your dreams. After all, only you will be able to do them. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Tomorrow is like a second chance that life offers us. So enjoy it!

The time has come to surrender to the shine of the stars. A good night’s rest for you!

Goodnight! Another day that goes by for another to arrive even more hopeful.

To be grateful is to fall asleep knowing that tomorrow has even better things in store for us. Goodnight!

Goodnight! If it didn’t work out today, maybe tomorrow will be the big day. Trust the turns the world takes!

Fall asleep believing in yourself and wake up knowing what you are capable of. Goodnight!

Goodnight! If your body needs rest, tune in to serenity and sleep peacefully.

Goodnight! Believing in yourself is being one step closer to the strength you are capable of.

A hopeful heart is what we need for a new chance tomorrow. Goodnight!

Goodnight! May the bright stars be your company, as I can’t be around.

There is nothing impossible for those who dream big and know what they are capable of. Goodnight!

As long as you have the will to win, no one can bring you down. Good night sweet dreams!

Goodnight! Respond to life’s situations with a smile on your face, satisfaction and serenity.