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Shiva and Raavi are on their way to a court hearing as the episode begins. The bike abruptly comes to a halt. Raavi is concerned that they will be late for their court appearance. Shiva claims that it is his fault if the scooty needs to be repaired and they miss the court session as a result. They get in their scooty and drive away.

Gautam and Dev arrive at the police station with a lawyer. Gautam introduces himself and says he’s come to see Krish Pandya, who Janardan has detained. Gautam inquires as to the whereabouts of his wife, Dhara Pandya, who has arrived to release Krish. The inspector invites them to take a seat and unwind. Gautam loses it and yells at the inspector. Gautam’s yells are heard by Krish. Gautam is calmed by the advocate and Dev.


Dhara is examined by the doctor. The lady inquires as to whether Dhara will live or die. The doctor instructs Dhara to take the prescribed medication and that she would recover quickly. The lady claims that it is critical for her to regain consciousness. Dhara mentions Krish’s name, and the lady has no idea who he is. The lady receives a call and states that she is running late, but that she would be there soon.


The counsellor meets Shiva and Raavi. Shiva and Raavi should reconcile, according to the counsellor. Shiva claims that their family has already informed them of the situation and requests that they be given their sign as soon as possible so that they can be set free. If Shiva acted this way after marriage, the therapist wonders why he is so harsh. Shiva begins to yell at the counsellor. Raavi tells Shiva that she understands he’s in a hurry to divorce her, but he doesn’t need to proclaim it to everyone. Shiva clarifies that he needs to get to Dhara and Krish as soon as possible. Shiva is fortunate, according to the counsellor, to have Raavi, who can help him control his rage. She advises them against getting divorced and urges them to reconsider their decision. Shiva and Raavi reminisce about their first sight at one other.


Dev threatens to go live on Facebook and show the world how they treat normal people if the inspector does not react appropriately. The inspector becomes panicked and takes Dev’s phone, ordering him to fetch Krish. Krish arrives with a limp. Gautam hugs Krish and inquires about his well-being. Krish claims he was assaulted. Gautam and Dev attempt to assault the inspector, but are stopped by the attorney. Gautam inquires about his wife’s whereabouts. Krish inquires as to why Dhara hasn’t

They were told of his arrest. Gautam claims he didn’t speak to Dhara. Janardan, according to Krish, chatted with Dhara. Dev claims that they expected Dhara to arrive. Dhara, according to Krish, has not arrived. Janardan, according to Gautam, kidnapped Dhara. From there, they depart.


The counsellor advises them to stay together for a while longer. Raavi requested ten lakhs from Shiva, according to the counsellor. Raavi is taken aback, and Shiva gives her a cold stare. Prafulla requests a lawyer from the court. Raavi is asked if ten lakhs is enough to live a life or if her connection is important. Shiva chuckles and asks Raavi how he can receive 10 lakhs since she has known his family since infancy. She is aware that Dhara is pregnant and that they have numerous bills, so how can she want ten lakhs? Prafulla, not Raavi, she claims, requested the money. Shiva claims that he will not give her any money and that he wishes to divorce her as soon as possible. Shiva slams his fist into Raavi. The latter makes an attempt to clarify. Shiva angrily signs the papers and walks away.


Raavi pursues Shiva for an explanation. Prafulla appears and inquires whether she has any money. Shiva is asked if he brought a cheque or cash by Prafulla. Shiva takes out an umbrella and threatens to not give her any money. Prafulla screams that he is attempting to injure a woman while holding the umbrella. People form a ring around them. They back Prafulla and want to thrash Shiva. Raavi tosses the umbrella aside and tells Shiva to flee. Shiva is obedient. Raavi is chastised by Prafulla for assisting Shiva. Raavi claims that Prafulla should be ashamed for insisting on money despite her rejection; she will not accept any money from them, and her divorce will be terminated as a result of her actions. They won’t be able to get ten lakhs; this is her divorce, thus she will make the final decision. Prafulla want to speak with the judge. Raavi begs Prafulla to come to a halt and informs him that Dhara and Krish are missing. On the other hand, the lady feeds Dhara something. Dhara infiltrates the police station. The lady claims that she will not allow the police to contact her. Dhara wakes up for a brief moment and wonders who she is before falling asleep again.