Pandya Store 28th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Janardhan notices Krish and Keerti together at the opening of the episode. Janardhan motions for the car to come to a halt. Keerti is dragged away by him. He tries to hit Krish, but Krish raises his hand up, stating that whoever slaps him is not private property. Krish’s hand is jerked and slapped by Janardhan. He instructs his driver to return Keerti to her house.

Krish tries to explain himself, but Janardhan hits him once more. He grabs Krish’s bike key and tells him that if he tries to elope with his daughter, he would teach him a lesson. Suman is requesting that the priest show him images of beautiful women. She wants to locate Shiva a better female than Raavi. Janardhan dials Gautam’s number. Dhara is the one who receives it.


Janardhan believes he is speaking to Gautam and declares that Krish will be arrested for attempting to elope with his daughter. Janardhan ji, says Dhara. Krish claims that this is not the case. Janardhan instructs Dhara to inform Gautam that he is transporting Krish to the police station and that no one would be able to save him. Dhara is taken aback.


When Keerti returns home, she tells her mother about what happened to Kamini and Kalyani. Kamini tells Keerti to lie and say Kalyani and her don’t know about it, and Keerti has no idea that Krish is Gautam’s brother; she merely got a ride from him because there were no other options. Dhara enters the house and discovers that no one is home, and Gautam has left his phone at home. She makes the decision to go by herself, frightened about Krish. She hurriedly drops the phone and walks away. Anita is on the hunt for the two women who attempted to rob the Pandya family. She meets a woman who claims to be the robbers’ sister and asks her to repay her money. The lady takes Anita’s bag and lashes her with the broom. From there, Anita flees.


Janardhan informs the inspector that Krish attempted to elope with her daughter and requests that he be severely punished. The inspector promises that he will be severely beaten so that he does not consider eloping with anyone’s daughter.


Krish claims that the police are not listening to his side of the storey, that he was trying to help Keeti, that he isn’t terrible, and that Janardhan is a dangerous man. They should be able to defeat Janardhan. He’s just a student, after all. Krish is slapped and threatened by the inspector. He requests that Krish be taken by the constable.


Dhara can be seen rushing down the street. Dhara is called out by someone who notices her, but she continues to run. Raavi offers Dhara tea but discovers she isn’t in her room. She’s not sure where she’s gone. Dhara passes out on the highway. A automobile comes to a halt near Dhara. A woman exits the vehicle and tries to rouse Dhara. She asks her driver for assistance. Raavi, on the other hand, is scouring the entire house for Dhara and is concerned about where Dhara has gone without alerting her. Suman returns home.


Dhara isn’t at home, Raavi informs Suman. She didn’t even bring her phone with her. Dhara must be here, Suman thinks, since if she had left, she would have informed her. Raavi claims that she went to Prafulla’s house for a while after Rishta’s sister Keerti returned home, and that she handed her bike to Krish so he could drop her off at home because the strike was still going on. Janardan, Suman claims, kidnapped Dhara. When Raavi attempts to call Gautam, she discovers the phone on the floor near the entrance. They are concerned that Gautam has been taken as well.


Rishita gets dropped off at the office by Dev. He kisses her on the forehead and wishes her well. Janardan returns home and exclaims, “Keerti!” Janardan tries to slap Keerti, but Kamini intervenes and advises him to keep his distance from her. Janardan claims he doesn’t believe Kamini and Kalyaani are involved, so he sent Keerti with Krish. Because there are no automobiles accessible owing to the strike, Kamini claims that Keerti just had a ride from Krish, and Keerti has no idea that Krish is Gautam’s brother.


Janardan inquires as to how Keerti came to be in the market and challenges her to tell the truth. Why didn’t she accompany the driver to the market? Keerti fumbles her response. Kamini declares that she will tell it how it is. Keerti wanted to buy certain ladies’ items, which she couldn’t do in front of the driver, she claims. Janardan exits after warning Keerti that this should not happen again.


Raavi makes an attempt to contact Dev. The latter tries to start the scooty, concerned that Raavi and Shiva would be late for their court appearance, and hopes the scooty will start. Suman bemoans the fact that no one answers the phone when he or she is in distress. She is concerned about Dhara and Gautam and prays for their well-being. Dhara is seen unconscious in a location. The lady explains that the girl falling in front of her car is a wonderful thing because she is the only one who can help her.