Pandya Store 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Pandya Store 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Suman tells Raavi that she’s heading to Kanta to look at the girls’ photos and biodata for Shiva’s marital alliance. Hearing this makes Raavi unhappy. Shiva emerges from the restroom. Shiva is the focus of Raavi’s attention. Suman catches Shiva staring at Raavi and tells him that Raavi will be a stranger in a few days and that if he stares at a stranger, he will be beaten. She’ll find him a suitable partner. Shiva wonders if it’s really essential. Yes, Suman responds.

Dhara and Gautam’s unborn kid is congratulated by a mother. Dhara tells Gautam that she has prayed for them and their family. Gautam inquires as to what she had requested from God for him. Dhara claims she wanted for the happiness of his baby’s father. In the BG, Ishq hai appears. Dhara continues to speak. Gautam kisses her unexpectedly. They’re in the market, according to Dhara, and everyone can see them. Gautam claims that he is unconcerned because he is kissing his wife. They arrive at their destination.

Gautam claims that he must hurry to the shop because Shiva is also absent. He is going to dine in the shop. He walks away. Dhara realises Gautam has forgotten his phone and decides to provide it to him through a third party. Because today is a strike, Kamini encourages Keerti to travel to Pandya’s house in the car with the driver. As the driver updates everything to Janardhan, she asks Keerti to get out of the car near the Pandya residence. Keerti agrees and departs with Rishita’s gifts.

Rishita is concerned about how she will get to work today because there is a strike. Dev prepares to go to the shop. Rishita requests that Dev drop her off at the office. Dev invites her to come to work the next day, explaining that today is a strike day and she won’t be able to come. Rishita confronts Dev, stating that she will join today and that he must dump her. Dev concurs. Rishita receives curd and sugar from Raavi. The latter inquires as to whether she combined poison to prevent her from functioning. Dev and Raavi are taken aback. Rishita chuckles and clarifies that she was joking.

Dhara must be jealous that Rishita is going to work, hence she isn’t here, Rishita says. Raavi denies it and claims that Dhara feels dizzy, therefore she requested her to feed the curd and sugar to Rishita. Raavi says Rishita should not make assumptions and that they will assist them just as she did. Rishita apologises and consumes the crud and sugar. Raavi has a court hearing today, so Rishita wishes her luck. After dropping Rishita off at work, Dev says he’ll leave the scooty at home so Shiva and Raavi can go to the court together. Krish cracks jokes. Raavi requests that he remain silent. Shiva and Raavi can’t be together, so Dev asks Raavi to reconsider divorce. Krish then exits, asking Raavi to reconsider her decision.

A woman enters the business and informs Gautam that she has heard Suman is looking for a Shiva alliance. She knows a girl who can live up to Suman’s high standards. Shiva says he hasn’t divorced yet and doesn’t know when he will, but the girl can’t wait and asks the woman to arrange for the girl’s marriage. The woman walks away. Shiva, according to Gautam, should become used to this type of conversation.

Gautam then urges Shiva not to be enraged by anything Raavi’s lawyer says during the hearing. Divorce is difficult for a woman, and he should respect Raavi’s feelings. He asks for money from Raavi and picks her up from her home, warning her not to quarrel with her. When a romance ends, Shiva claims that even boys are hurt. Shiva walks away. Gautam thinks it’s good that Shiva is in pain.

Krish and Raavi are on their own at home. Krish tells Raavi that he will wash the vessels and that she is responsible for any additional tasks. Rishita, Keerti, Keerti, Keerti, Keerti, Keerti, Keert When Krish notices her Tune Maari entriyaan playing in the background, he stops the vessels. She mistook him for a servant and asked to speak with Rishita. Raavi appears. Keerti introduces herself to Raavi and tells her that she heard Rishita obtained a job and went out and bought her gifts and sweets.

Raavi introduces herself and mentions that she is looking for work. Raavi asks Keerti if she may ask the servant to get him an auto. Raavi claims that Krish is her brother-in-law, and that they share domestic chores at this house. Krish is driven to Raavi’s home. Raavi takes Prafulla’s bike key and asks Krish to drop Keerti off at her house. Raavi instructs her uncle to grab the gasoline off his motorcycle. Prafulla argues with Krish, claiming that he will not allow Krish to steal petrol from her husband’s motorcycle.

Raavi claims she is running late for court and that her divorce may be postponed. Prafulla becomes preoccupied in Raavi’s conversation. Krish, in the meantime, takes the gasoline. Krish walks away as Prafulla yells. Krish takes Keerti for a ride on his bike. Keerti apologised to him on the way for mistaking him for a servant. Janardhan becomes enraged when he sees Krish and Keerti together.