Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Suman asks Raavi where she is going as she is leaving in the first scene of the episode. She claims she’ll bring court paperwork, and the hearing is tomorrow. The hearing is tomorrow, Dhara informs Suman. Suman inquires about Shiva’s divorce plans and assures him that he will not be alone.

Gautam requests that he rescind the divorce. Dhara wants him to comprehend Raavi’s transformation. She claims to be troubled by his insecurity. She believes he has a sense of inadequacy. Krish explains to Suman the meaning, which offends Suman. Suman tells Shiva that she would marry him in a few days and summons the Pandit to her home. It’s for Shiva, she explains. Raavi is aware of her presence. Suman claims that her son is diamond, but because to a glass piece, he was unable to take it up. Shiva and Raavi travel in opposite directions.

Gautam will question his mother about what she was doing, and things will only grow worse. She informs him that things have already deteriorated. Rishta enters the house, offers chocolates to the family, and informs them that she has landed a job. Everyone is staring at her in silence. Dhara congratulates her and expresses her delight. She picks a sweet and begins to eat it, but Kamini pushes it away, claiming that it will harm her health. Rishta announces that she has a job, and they both remain mute. Dev claims that one will appear delighted only when the task is completed with everyone’s approval.

Then, Rishta continues, money should be with everyone, not only Dhara. She claims that she is working so that she can earn money. She claims she does not want to rely on Dhara for financial support. Kamini dials Krish’s number and speaks to him in hushed tones. Gautam informs her that she can work if she wants to, but if she wants to work for money, he will pay her every month.

Dhara apologises and brings Kangans for her. She informs her that they are unworthy of money. Rishta claims that the Kangans are simply her realisation of how important her work is. She screams at Krish when he blows a tube. Kamini claims she was approached and requested to do it. She claims she has no idea why she liked him.

Shiva receives a phone call. Raavi inquires as to why he is seated and asks her to inform him on her face. She claims that her brain is stuck in her knees, which is why she brought milk for him. Shiva believes she has morphed into Dhara. She spills the milk on the floor and is ready to walk away when he intervenes. She inquires as to what transpired. He claims that her head may be aching as well. He hands her the milk and instructs her to consume it. She keeps staring at him, and he walks away from her. She inquires as to whether he is happy, to which he responds that she is not. They are both alone, staring at the moon. She then excuses herself, claiming that she needs to sleep.

Rishta blows a whistle at Raavi, implying that they were fighting. She informs him that everyone has disagreements in their relationships, but love always prevails. He claims he doesn’t comprehend love.

Rishta raises the alarm and declares that she is not at her Mother’s place. When Dev arrives, she mocks him and goes back to sleep.

Raavi washes the floor too quickly the next morning, prompting Kamini to inquire if she intends to murder her. She brings her a cup of tea. Kamini informs her that she will be meeting with a Pandit for Shiva’s wedding.