Pandya Store 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Dhara complaining about the poor quality of the bangles and her refusal to purchase them. Rishita refuses to accept, claiming that Dhara is only interested in demonstrating her financial power. Raavi instructs Rishita to be calm.

Raavi claims that Dhara is to blame, questioning why she didn’t buy the bangles when Rishita liked them. Raavi claims that Rishita always stood up for Dhara even when she wasn’t present. Dhara claims that they are accustomed to wearing low-quality clothing, but Rishita disagrees. She only wears branded clothing, and when the bangles salesman realised this, he raised the price.

Rishita claims the vendor was willing to sell the bangles for 400Rs, but she couldn’t afford it and insulted him in front of him, therefore she decided not to work for Dhara. The latter tells her she can think whatever she wants and that she is pregnant and capable of looking for herself.

She tells Rishita to get to work; they don’t have to make any sacrifices for her. She walks away after apologising for what transpired. Raavi tells Rishita to get to work; she’ll take care of the housework. Rishita decides to work and calls the person who had called for an interview earlier to let them know she’ll be there. Rishita declares that she will perform this task no matter what, so that she does not have to rely on others for sustenance

Rishita is present at the interview. The interviewer inquires as to what she is doing and where she will be departing. Rishita asks whether they’re just killing time by asking such questions, and she adds they can tell her if they’ve already given the work to someone else. The interview informs her about the position for which they are interviewing.

Rishita claims that she is required to engage in telemarketing. They agree with a nod. Raavi tells someone over the phone that she won’t be able to arrive the next day. Dhara regrets not purchasing bangles for Rishita. Dhara, according to Raavi, should respect the feelings of others as well. The bright aspect of this incident, according to Raavi, is that Rishita was unfazed by what had occurred and went to a job interview.

Dhara smiles and wishes Rishita luck in her job search. Rishita’s compensation will be $30k, and she must start the next day, according to the interviewer. He claims that he works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of Sundays. Rishita nods enthusiastically. Raavi is hoping that Rishita does not start her new work the next day because their court hearing is the next day. She asks Dhara to remind Shiva and then walks away.

Shiva and Raavi should be separated, according to Dhara, but the divorce appears to be irreversible. Rishita informs his mother that he is returning home.

Rishita enters her home and summons Keerti. Keerti isn’t at home, according to Kalyaani. Kamini is hiding when she notices this. Rishita makes an attempt to contact Keerti. Kalyaani tells her that she may tell her later and that she should leave immediately before her father arrives. Rishita announces that she has gotten a job and expresses her happiness.

Hearing this, Kamini grins. Janardan’s man warns him that Gautam is stealing their market since he is assisting other retailers in receiving their goods for free through his goods order. The man requests that Janardan take action to stop Gautam.

Gautam, Dev, and Shiva have entered the store. Janardan dials Gautam’s number. Gautam answers the phone and places it on speaker. Gautam is threatened by Janardan because he has ruined his business. Shiva and Dev are furious at him. According to Shiva, Gautam will become a father, and the Pandyas will take over his market.

Dev claims that Gautam is running against him in the union election, surprising Janardan. Dev tells Gautam that he must vote in the election at all costs. Rishita is told to go now by Kalyaani, who reminds her of what happened the last time Janardan saw her here. Janardan returns home at that same moment. He orders his troops to open the door with a loud yell. Rishita sighs and considers her options for getting out of here.

Kalyaani tells Rishita to go somewhere safe and then blabbers nervously. Janardan exclaims, “Kalyaani!” Rishita exits the room through the window and hides. Janardan yells at Kalyaani, claiming that the Pandyas are attempting to steal her market and that he would punish them. He tells Kalyaani not to speak to Rishita. Rishita nods and walks away.

Kamini thinks it’s great that Rishita took the position. She instructs Keerti to deliver gifts to the Pandyas the next day, and that they should begin meeting Rishita so that they can bring her home before the election. What if Janardan finds out? Kalyaani wonders. Kalyaani advises her to put up with his yelling and not to worry about Rishita.

Suman discovers Janardan is threatening Gautam and chastises him. Suman believes Gautam should vote in the election. Krish tells Suman to speak gently so Rishita doesn’t hear her. Suman requests that Rishita be called from wherever she is. Raavi claims she went to a job interview.

Rishita allegedly told Dev that she would no longer do so. Suman makes a joke about Rishita bossing Dev around. They all burst out laughing. When Raavi notices Shiva staring at her, she stops laughing. Raavi leaves the house. Suman inquires as to her current destination. Raavi says she’ll go get the court paperwork because their court hearing is the next day. The family seemed to be concerned.