Pandya Store 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Raavi begins the episode by stating that she does not wish to become equal to Dhara and instead prefers to remain in Raavi’s shadow. Suman claims that Raavi is only a temporary daughter-in-law and that she will soon divorce. Dhara will be preoccupied following the birth of her child, so prepare Rishita to manage the household. Shivani’s wife would come till then, but as a newlywed bride, they wouldn’t be able to make her work.

Raavi is taken aback when she learns of Shivaji’s second marriage. Kamini chastises Kalyaani and Keerti for letting Janardan know about Rishita’s arrival. She claims to have found Rishita another work. She receives a call and is taken aback. Rishita denied the job that Kamini recommended for her, and Kamini tells Kalyaani that Rishita needs to work to get out of the Pandya family.

Raavi brings Dhara snacks and persuades her to consume them. Dhara looks lovely when she’s happy, according to Raavi, and she shouldn’t become upset since it’s bad for her kid. Raavi, according to Dhara, is reasonable and takes good care of everyone, so why did she leave Shiva? Raavi tries to deflect the conversation by claiming she’ll go to supper. Dhara, on the other hand, stops Raavi and says she won’t let her go until she responds. She inquires as to whether Raavi dislikes Shiva.

Raavi claims that she initially disliked Shiva’s dressing style and way of life, but that she eventually came to accept them. Shiva, according to Dhara, believes she has an issue with these. Shiva, Raavi claims, was unable to comprehend her. He is insecure and believes he is inferior to her and her pals. Dhara asserts that he is superior to his brothers and advises Raavi to speak with Shiva so that he can express his heartfelt emotions to her.

Shiva, Raavi claims, refuses to speak and becomes enraged. He served the divorce papers on her. She wanted to keep the connection going, but Shiva ended it. Shiva is so frail that he is incapable of defending their connection. She is unable to maintain a relationship with Shiva, who may depart at any time. Raavi decides to depart.

Shiva comes to a halt at a fabric shop and examines the fashionable men’s clothing, recalling Raavi’s buddies mocking him for his fashion sense. Rishita notices Shiva and wonders what he’s up to in this place. The shopkeeper inquires as to whom he is searching for clothing, as it is not his style. Shiva inquires as to why he is unable to alter his appearance. Shiva, according to the shopkeeper, can change now that Raavi has returned home. Gautam returns home exhausted. Raavi brings him some water.

Raavi inquires as to why he appears fatigued. Gautam claims that because Shiva destroyed their lone bike, he has walk to the shop for all of his responsibilities. Raavi inquires if they are unable to purchase a new bicycle. Gautam claims that he is putting money aside for Dhara’s pregnancy and birth. Dhara becomes enraged when he hears this. Gautam notices this and makes an attempt to persuade Dhara. Anita shows there at that point and inquires about Dhara’s health.

Dhara becomes enraged. Raavi inquires if she is employed here. According to Anita, Gautam dispatched Krish to the store to fetch Dhara a beauty cream to keep her face glowing. She ran into Krish in the market and told him that it wasn’t available there, but she had it, so she took it with her. She hands it over to Gautam. Krish, according to the latter, can’t keep his tongue quiet.

Anita apologises to Gautam, claiming that she was unaware that Dhara should be aware of the situation. Dhara removes the cream from Anita’s hand and tells her that Gautam doesn’t like her face and that she should use it right away. Dhara storms out, enraged. Gautam becomes depressed. Dhara’s hormones, according to Raavi, are causing her to act this way. Anita is overjoyed that her miraculous has begun to work.

Hearing Dhara scream, Gautam and Raavi run to her aid. Dhara develops an allergic reaction to the beauty lotion and confronts Gautam about it. Raavi brings her ice cubes and applies them to Dhara’s face. Anita is overjoyed, assuming that her treatment has paid off. Gautam recommends that Dhara see a doctor.

Dhara tells him to leave. Gautam persuades Dhara by professing his love and placing an ice cube on her cheek. Anita feels saddened by this. From there, Raavi takes Anita. Gautam claims that he requested Krish to obtain cream since Dhara’s face was becoming dry. He had no idea that Krish will inform everyone about it. In the BG, Root na jana is playing. Dhara is persuaded by Gautam.

Dhara spots a bangle seller and invites him into the house, where he purchases bangles. She goes out and buys earrings for Raavi. Dhara goes to the bank to get some cash. Rishita arrives and purchases bangles. Dhara purchases the bangles and earrings for Rs 100. Dhara is asked to pay Rs 500 for Rishita’s bangles. Dhara attempts to persuade the bangle seller to sell it for 200Rs. He flatly refuses. Dhara tells Rishita that she can obtain the identical bangles for a lower price in the market. Rishita becomes enraged and accuses Dhara of deliberately insulting her in order to demonstrate that she can handle money.