Pandya Store 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Dhara is concerned about her face glow at the start of the episode. Raavi assures her that her face is in good condition. A supper is served to the family. Suman claims Kanta’s son began having an affair with another lady when his wife became pregnant. Suman inquires as to why Rishta appears uninteresting and requests a seat with Dev. Dhara inquires of Suman if Kanta believes his son is solely to blame. Suman claims that it begins when the wife becomes pregnant. Hearing this, Dhara is moved and recalls Kanta’s daughter-in-comments. law’s Gautam requests that Shiva change the subject.

Dhara claims that not all husbands are like way. Suman claims that her husband was not like this, but some husbands have affairs in order to gain the trust of their wives. Gautam tries to change the subject by remarking on how good the sabsi is and requesting more. They don’t like brinjal sabzi, according to Dhara. Gautam and Shiva exchange glances. Shiva compliments Dhara on her excellent sabsi. Suman is in agreement with him. Raavi made it, according to Dhara, and when she made the same sabsi, they didn’t like it. She begins to cry. Suman claims that Dhara won’t even allow her to eat in peace.

Krish is called out by Anita. Krish receives her. She approaches him and inquires about the items he has purchased. Krish tosses the pills to the ground. Anita offers assistance and notices the face cream. Shiva inquires as to why Dhara is becoming enraged. Dhara cuddles Raavi and assures her that neither she nor her sabsi are to blame. She sobs as she walks away. Suman advises everyone to eat because Raavi prepared delectable sabsi.

Krish arrives and hands Gautam Dhara’s medicine, claiming that he hasn’t told anyone about it. Gautam informs Suman that he purchased Dhara’s medications. According to Krish, Gautam also purchased face cream for Dhara. Krish is offered food by Raavi. Gautam is teased by Suman. Shiva feels Raavi possesses Dhara’s attributes and wonders why he’s becoming more attracted to her.

Dhara is enraged because they didn’t eat her brinjal sabsi, but they did when Raavi cooked it. Gautam enters the space. Dhara and Gautam have an argument about it. Gautam apologises and attempts to calm her down. Dhara hugs Gautam and inquires as to why she becomes enraged about trivial matters. The phone rings for Gautam. Dhara becomes enraged once more.

Gautam tries to persuade her by claiming that he purchased her face lotion. Dhara complains about her complexion, so he buys her cream and argues with him about it. Gautam’s phone keeps ringing, so he excuses himself and exits. Dhara examines the cream and discovers that the box is empty.

Rishita examines her certifications and recalls telling Dev that she wishes to be self-sufficient in her life, with Dev assuring her that his family will be supportive. Rishita sobs, saying that Dev has changed and that he has broken his promises. Rishita receives a job offer, but she declines it since she does not want to work right now. Rishita claims that she is squandering all of Dev’s opportunities, but he will never understand.

Suman praises Raavi’s cooking, but she claims that Dhara used to reward her with a treat after each dinner. Raavi brings Suman a sweet, claiming that Dhara told her about it. Raavi claims that she will be able to manage the house properly till Dhara’s due date. If she meant that this house doesn’t need Dhara, Suman says so and calls Dhara out. Raavi, on the other hand, keeps her mouth shut by eating kheer. Dhara is suffering mood swings, according to Raavi, and they can’t tamper with her right now. Dhara, she claims, is the best. Raavi wants to take Dhara’s place in the house, according to Suman.

Suman goes on to mention that Dhara did the same thing when she first arrived 10 years ago. She reclaimed control of the house and her sons, but she was unable to do so since she was bedridden. Dhara, on the other hand, handled them admirably. Dhara, like her, is now helpless and unable to do anything. Raavi will be the centre of attention. Dhara notices and observes.