Pandya Store 1st October 2021 Upcoming Story : Rishita misinterprets the Pandya brothers and attacks them.

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Gautam begins the episode by explaining that they’re headed to Janardan’s residence since he said Krish was in jail and that he’ll now tell them where Dhara is. Raavi approaches and inquires if he knows anything about Dhara. Not yet, Shiva says; they’re headed to Janardan’s residence. Shiva wants to drop Raavi off on his way, but Raavi insists she’ll be OK and requests that Shiva go locate Dhara. Raavi is taunted by Shiva, who claims she asked for ten lakhs. Raavi says he’ll taunt her later, but first he needs to find Dhara. Shiva inquires as to whether she truly did not demand money. They notice Prafulla approaching. Shiva is asked to leave by Raavi. Shiva then drives away.

Suman is concerned and attempts to contact her sons, but they do not respond. Rishita is walking back to her house. She chastises Dev for not coming to pick her up. Gautam and Dev arrive to Janardan’s residence. They are prevented from entering by the goons. They thrash them and then go inside. Janardan inquires about the method they used to gain access to his home. He tries to contact the authorities.

Janardan is slapped by Gautam. Dev hols his hand as the latter tries to slap Gautam. Gautam inquires about Dhra’s whereabouts. Janardan inquires about Dhara. Dhara, whom Gautam threatened and whose brother-in-law he arrested, says Gautam. Janardan claims he doesn’t have any Dhara. Dev thrashes him. When Shiva arrives, he trashes Janardan and inquires about Dhara’s whereabouts. When Kamini and Keerti emerge, they are taken aback.

Gautam instructs his brothers to conduct a search of the house. Kamini is concerned that Janardan will learn that she has dispatched Keerti to the Pandya residence. She tells Keerti to call Rishita and bring her over, but not to tell her that she sat on Krish’s bike on her own volition.

Keerti calls Rishita and says she came to meet her at her place, but she had to go to work. Krish persuaded her to return home when she was on her way back, and Janardan noticed them together and had Krish arrested. Janardan was beaten severely by her family for it. Rishita is taken aback and announces her arrival. Rishita pulls up to a motorbike and asks him to drop her off ahead. She mounts her bicycle. Dev reappears and inquires about Dhara’s whereabouts.

Janardan says again that he has no idea. Kamini clarifies that they did not kidnap Dhara and requests that their relationship be respected. Dev claims that if they had honoured the relationship, Krish would not have been detained and beaten up. Krish was returned to his family by the lawyer. Suman sobs when she sees Krish’s condition and begs the lawyer to prosecute those who have assaulted him. According to the lawyer, the police are to blame for his situation because Janardan authorised them to do so. He walks away.

Dhara is nowhere to be found, according to Shiva. Shiva plans to bring Janardan to their home and beat him until he tells them where Dhara is. Janardan is dragged by Shiva. Rishita arrives at the location. Rishita is asked to leave by Dev because she has no idea what transpired. Rishita claims to know everything and acknowledges that Janardan made a mistake. She inquires as to why they continue to make mistakes. Dev believes she should be ashamed of herself for supporting her father now that she knows the truth. Rishita says they should be embarrassed of themselves for doing the same thing she did, and that they should report it to the authorities like Janardan did.

Krish sobs on Suman’s lap as Suman comforts him. Raavi returns home. Suman inquires about the others. When Raavi sees Krish’s condition, she becomes concerned and walks inside. Prafulla returns home exhausted. Anita inquires about the divorce. Prafulla claims that she was not divorced and that she did not receive the sum of ten lakhs. Anita is overjoyed that she would be able to visit Pandya’s house. Prafulla bemoans the fact that she lost out on getting Shiva beaten up since Raavi saved him. Anita thinks it’s a good thing they’ve started reconciling. Prafulla chastises her and requests that she bring hot water to her foot.

on the other hand Krish’s wounds are being treated by Raavi. Suman tells Raavi to take it gently and that it’s pointless to show her concern, and he inquires whether she’s divorced. She confronts Raavi, claiming that she has picked a girl for Shiva and that she would form an alliance once Dhara returns. They went to Janardan’s house when Krish informed them that Dhara was disappeared. Suman requests that Krish contact his brothers. Raavi says she’ll call and then says they don’t answer the phone. Krish remarked that they must be preoccupied with defeating Janardan.

The lady is driving Dhara, who is unconscious, somewhere. Dev claims that the police will not assist them since Janardan bribed them. If Rishita likes Dev more, Dev invites her to stay at Janardan’s place. Rishita claims she doesn’t love him any more, so she eloped, although they are identical. Janardan manages to flee, and Shiva pursues him. Rishita hates Dev for distracting them so that Janardan could flee, but she stands by her father after what transpired. She didn’t give Dhara a second thought.

Rishita inquires about Dhara’s fate. Dev claims that when Krish was jailed, Janardan kidnapped Dhara, knowing that Dhara is pregnant and that if anything happens to her, he will not spare Janardan. Dev is silenced by Gautam. They came here to ask Janardan where Dhara is, but he rushed away before he could answer them, Gautam says to Rishita. With Dev, he departs. Dhara inquires as to where they are heading; she want to return home. The lady says she’ll take her home with her.