20 Ways to Start a Conversation on Instagram with your Crush

Needing to start a conversation with your Instagram crush can be nerve wracking, and it’s not something you want to mess up because the internet never forgets . You’ve probably noticed that they like all of your posts and follow you back if you’re lucky enough, but how do you take this to the next … Read more

Top 10 Best G-Shock Watch Under 10000 in India 2022

Best G-Shock Watch Under 10000

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[Men’s Special] Best Trimmer Under 2000 in India

Best Trimmer Under 2000 in India

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Is One Plus a Chinese Company? Why it works in India?

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20 Ways to Attract a Girl who has Attitude

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20 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl of your Dreams

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20 Ways to Ask a Girl for Her Instagram

There are times when you want to ask the girl you like for her Instagram, but cannot find an effective way to do it. She might not be comfortable with sharing her account and could even block you. Here we list 20 ways through which you can easily ask a girl for her Instagram: 1. … Read more