[ Missing you Quotes ]100+ Quotes to Tell Him or Her that you Miss Him or Her

[ Missing you Quotes ]100+ Quotes to Tell Him or Her that you Miss Him or Her

A selection of text messages and love quotes to tell your ex or your loved one how much they mean to you!

In love, feeling the lack is inevitable.

In the first case, when the relationship does not go as planned and you separate, temporarily or permanently, you miss your old partner, without a doubt. After all, you’ve built a stable, healthy life and romantic relationship together. But, despite your best efforts, not everything went as planned. Now you are sad and alone with your memories and thoughts.

In another case, your love story is on the seventh heaven. You love each other and are happy together. However, sometimes life does separate you (whether for travel, work, or something else). The lack is, therefore, here temporary. You may even be almost happy to feel it because it means that you love yourself!

I miss you, my love!

Your relationship was not in good shape and your partner left you. Initially, you probably tried to fix things, to work on your problems… but that didn’t change anything! All you have to do is admit the inevitable: your relationship is over (at least for now, who knows what the future holds!).

Your heart is broken, you are sad and lost, and you miss your loved one terribly. Here is a selection of 50 text messages and love quotes that you can send to your ex to let them know how much you miss him or her. After all, maybe this way your lover will realize what he or she means to you, even today.

1. Someone asked me if I miss you. I didn’t reply. I just closed my eyes and walked away, muttering “so”!

2. I miss you. Not in a sweet way, like, “What if we hold hands?” Or “let’s be together forever”. I just miss you! I miss your presence and your friendship too.

3. “I miss you” means that part of me is missing.

4. I try to stay busy so I don’t think about you. But, as soon as I stop, your face invades my thoughts.

5. When you feel the lack of someone, it is your heart that sends you a signal: you are truly in love.

6. Have you ever missed someone so much that it made you sick?

7. I miss you only when I breathe.

8. The hardest part is not talking to the person you confided in every day.

9. My memory loves you; she asks me about you, every day.

10. I wish you were there to tell me that everything is going to be okay.

11. When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you.

12. I would like you to miss me as much as I miss you.

13. Every inch of my being shivers when I think of you: I miss you!

14. I wish we could be together right now!

15. Today I did three things: I thought of you, I thought of you, then I thought of you again.

16. My heart didn’t know what loneliness was, until the day you left!

17. Sometimes I tell myself that I would have liked to say “I love you” to you one last time before you come out of my life. I really miss you!

18. I miss you. A bit too much; a little too often and more and more every day!

19. I miss our conversations. I also miss the fact that I could tell you everything without being afraid of being judged!

20. I wish I was kissing you, instead of just thinking about you.

21. I miss you! I might not always show it, I might not tell people, but inside of me, there is like a void.

22. Do you want to know how much I miss you? So try to catch the raindrops: the ones you manage to capture represent how much I miss you, all the ones you don’t manage to lose, represent how much I miss you!

23. Without you near me, even the sun forgets to shine!

24. Thousands of words could not bring you back to me… I know because I tried! Thousands of tears could not bring you back to me… I know because I cried. You left behind a broken heart and beautiful memories. But, I didn’t want it, I wanted you!

25. When I text you, it means I miss you! When I am not writing to you, it means that I am waiting for your message of love. If only you knew…

26. I try to ignore you but, in reality, I miss you!

27. I feel bad when you miss me but I feel sad when you don’t miss me.

28. I have a brain to think of you; eyes to look at you; a heart to love you; hands to comfort you; legs to walk with you; a mouth to tell you how much I miss you and feet to kick your ass if you don’t miss me!

29. They say that time heals everything but, for me, every day is more difficult because the more time passes, the more I think about you.

30. I miss you as the sun misses flowers in the middle of winter.

31. Every day I fight with myself: I fight not to call or write to you. I tell myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would.

32. When I tell you that I miss you, that doesn’t mean that I would never get over our breakup; it just means I wish I didn’t have to.

33. I’m sorry for always wanting to talk to you. I’m sorry for being sad when you take too long to respond. I’m sorry if I sometimes say things that make you angry. I’m sorry you don’t want to talk with me as much as I would like… it’s just that I miss you!

34. I miss you but try not to be affected by it. I love you but I try to hide it. I want you but what can I do when you’re no longer mine?

35. Please come back! I miss you so much that I can hardly breathe!

36. I miss you so much it hurts!

37. After all this time apart, I still miss you! I think of you every second, minute, hour, day, week, and year.

38. There isn’t a single time when I don’t miss you.

39. I miss you so much that I am jealous of all the people who are lucky enough to see you every day.

40. I miss you is like being on a roller coaster: sometimes I miss you a little, sometimes a lot! There, I have the impression of being on the highest peak!

41. Your voice, your touch, your face, everything… I miss!

42. Every now and then I see something that reminds me of you and immediately I feel the lack again.

43. I’m not going to lie to you: the truth is, I miss you a lot!

44. Nothing can better express what I feel: I miss you!

45. I thought I was done with you. Then today I miss you again. Nothing seems to be able to erase you from my memories.

46. ​​Message of love to you, my ex: I miss you!

47. I was head over heels in love; here I am, now, hopelessly lost. I miss you so much that I don’t know how to continue my life without you.

48. I have tried to list your flaws to try to rationalize this feeling of lack that I am experiencing. But, nothing helps: I fell in love with you even more!

49. I miss you. And that’s all.

50. I never knew I could miss you so much. Now that you’re gone, I feel like I’m drowning in this feeling!

50 SMS and quotes “I miss you” for him and her

Your partner has been away for a few hours, days, or weeks and only now do you realize how much you love them. Daily, you don’t really have time to feel the lack of the other and this experience has opened your eyes: you are mad (mad) in love. Tell him by SMS and make his day better!

51. Lack is part of love. If we’re never apart, we’ll never know how much we love each other!

52. Love is when I miss you, from the moment you are gone, but still, feel that warmth deep in my heart that tells me that we stay spiritually close.

53. My eyes watch for your return. Please, my love, come back quickly!

54. You are the sun of my day, the wind of my sky, the waves of my ocean, and the beating of my heart: I miss you!

55. I miss you whenever something great happens because I can’t immediately share this experience with you.

56. If love was measured by the feeling of lack that one feels when the loved one is gone, then I can assure you that I love you madly.

57. I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you.

58. I thought I could live without you, but now that you’re gone I miss you so much!

59. Nothing can create a feeling of emptiness more than the fact that I miss you.

60. Hearing the words “I miss you” from someone you love is the greatest feeling in the world.

61. I know I miss you because just the thought of hearing your voice on the phone gives me chills.

62. Even though I miss you right now, I know you will be back soon. I look forward!

63. Even though I spend all day with you, from the moment you leave, I will miss you.

64. I heard someone whisper your name, I turned around and I was alone. I realized that it was my heart calling you!

65. I miss you even before you are gone.

66. Of course I miss you. That’s all I think about all day.

67. Time goes by so long when you miss the person you love.

68. What is important when you miss someone is not the time you spent apart, it is the little everyday things that remind you that you wish the other was there.

69. Even though we are miles apart, you are still an important part of my life.

70. I miss you so much that every song I hear reminds me of you.

71. I don’t know what the weather is like with you, but here it is raining: even the weather is bemoaning. I miss you!

72. I miss you, my love!

73. You are always my first thought, in the morning when I wake up, and the last, in the evening when I go to bed. I miss you!

74. I miss you and the fact that you can’t be near me is the worst feeling.

75. It is not easy to live with this daily feeling of lack.

76. I feel like an addict who has been on drugs. I am in need!

77. I have the impression of walking without my heart because it is near you. This is what missing you makes me.

78. When I miss you, all I want to do is hug and kiss you.

79. I miss everything: even your faults and those little things that you do that annoy me. This is how much I love you.

80. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary for me to tell you how much I miss you. It’s almost irrational!

81. I feel empty. You left a lonely being behind you. Come back soon!

82. What do I miss the most? The fact that together we form a united and perfect whole!

83. I miss you so much right now. But, I know that the distance between us is only temporary. Nothing in this world can take us away.

84. When someone asks me to explain how much I miss you, I burst into tears.

85. I miss you. I miss our bond. Together, we are great!

86. I hope all is not well for you without me. Like that, maybe you will come back sooner.

87. You may be far from the eyes, but certainly not far from the heart.

88. I miss your lips. Besides, I also miss everything that is attached to it.

89. Distance does not mean anything, you are my most precious possession wherever you are. I miss you!

90. I had planned to write you a novel this evening. But, I started to cry and all that could come out of my heart was “I miss you”.

91. You are the only person I want. I miss you.

92. I have never missed anyone as much as you.

93. My heart is calling you.

94. My head is filled with thoughts: all of them revolve around you. Is this proof that I miss you?

95. I only miss you when I’m awake, the rest of the time I dream about you.

96. Whenever I am sad because I miss you, I remember that I am lucky to have you in my life: I immediately find a smile.

97. Why is it so hard to admit: I miss you so much right now.

98. A day without you is wasted. Come back to me quickly!

99. I’m sitting there waiting for you to call. It’s crazy how nervous a simple phone call can make you.

100. I have tried everything to forget the fact that you are far from me: but whatever I do, wherever I am, I miss you infinitely!

Whether you need to tell your ex how much you miss him or her, or want to tell your loved one that you are thinking of them, we hope this selection of 100 love text messages and quotes, helped you find the right words.

Do not maybe despair that your old partner will come back to you!

If you are simply waiting for your loved one to return, don’t let the blues get the best of you. You will soon be reunited!