Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Raghav states enough is the circus of life. Jaya and Farhad stop Raghav from hitting Farhad. Jaya then shoots in air. Jaya apologizes to Farhad and tells Raghav Anna to calm down. Farhad walks away. Jaya sees Kirti hide and watch, Jaya listens to Jaya talk to Sunny. Jaya says that she called wrongly, Amma, Raghav and Raghav were fighting. Jaya believes this is a stupid girl. He asks for Pallavi Sawant and Mandar’s information.

Pallavi feeds Sharda, and says Mandar sent them all out. But he is speaking to me in a strange way and something is going on in his head. I know you’ll say “Run away!” but I won’t leave you alone with this psyco-man. Mandar comes in and asks Pallavi Aai to take a break. He says that Pallavi Aai is having back pain, so let’s get to my room. Pallavi tells Mandar that he must do something. He can’t get massage. Mandar comes in and says, “Come soon, I’m in great pain,” Pallavi is tensed, Sharfa touches her veil, Pallavi becomes happy, Mandar enters again and says, “Come soon”, Pallavi agrees.

Mandar lies down on his back, his shirt untucked, and he gets happy. Pallavi asks Mandar if he was okay and Mandar responds, “I was waiting for you.” Mandar then turns his head to Pallavi and sees Pallavi, who is Vijayaakka, who works at a physiotherapy centre. With professional help, you will feel much better. Mandar finishes his chest massage and Mandar says, “I am fine, I don’t want any other.”

Pallavi leaves and pays her. Pallavi claims he thought that he would get massage from me, but his absurdity is growing day by day. I need to talk to Raghav.

Jaya arranges Rakhi Thali. Farhad walks up to Jaya and tells Jaya that he was afraid of Raghav’s anger. Jaya then asks Farhad if Mandar will leave Pallavi alone. Farhad states that he will rush to Charminar market if Raghav and Pallavi inform him. However, that place is far away from Pallavi and our house.

Sunny calls Kirti. Kirti replies that she is late and must go to work. Jaya then sees Kirti and says Farhad has done it. Pallavi and Raghav meet in Charminar Market. Farhad states that Mandar will find out about it. Jaya asks Jaya how will he know. Kirti comes out and informs Sunny. Sunny calls Mandar to inform.

Pallavi informs Amruta of last night. Mandar and Mansi see them and are suspicious. Mandar asks Pallavi if Raghav has any plans. Mandar replies that Raghav is planning to go out, Pallavi responds that he will, and Mandar asks Pallavi if he’s going to come back soon. Mandar then asks Pallavi a question. Mandar whispers to Pallavi and asks Amruta if he is going.

Raghav wakes up saying to Pallavi, “I am late again.” Raghav then says, “Not today, Raghav,” Pallavi is wearing Amruta’s outfit and Raghav says Raghav is mad. Raghav also says, “You can’t stay even 24 hours from me. I miss you so much.” Raghav stops Pallavi and says, “Of course I won’t let you,” and he kisses her hand.