Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Jaya hears Raghav telling Jaya that Sharda has paralysis and she says I will see where Pallavi is. Pallavi picks up the phone, Pallavi believes it is Raghav and says Mandar is not a good person. Kirti is shocked and keeps her phone off and then leaves.
Pallavi calls Raghav again, Raghav is looking for Pallavi everywhere, Pallavi says that Raghav should have heard him. Kirti calls Sunny to calm down and says that Mandar is helping them. Sunny then disconnects the call and says nothing.

Pallavi walks into Mandar’s room, Pallavi questions him, Mandar asks Pallavi where he is going. Mandar looks angry at Pallavi and turns to Mandar. Mandar then says, “I have to take your cell phone and lock you here. Otherwise you will ruin my plan. Pallavi notices Raghav and Pallavi’s divorce papers. Mandar tells her to sign them and then anyone can contact me.

Mandar is shocked. Pallavi says that Raghav was my enemy, but I never thought of killing my mother. Pallavi tells Mandar, “I am so shocked, I didn’t think once before killing my mother, and Raghav is my enemy.” Mandar looks at Pallavi and smiles, and Pallavi asks Mandar if he will help him take revenge on Raghav. Mandar replies that he will be there for me, and Pallavi states that she is ready to sign the divorce papers.

Mandar smiles at Pallavi. Pallavi tells Mandar that she was afraid and living, but now I am safe and sound. Mandar leaves her room.
Pallavi says Mandar Dashmukh, you tried to play with Pallavi Raghav Ro. Now, see how I mess up with you, that’s when you will fear of love. Pallavi takes out the paper and walks towards Ganpati Bappa idol. He says Bappa that Divyani killed Aai and I will not leave him. I have a risky idea, please support me Bappa. With your blessings Raghav’s love, I will end this Mandar Deshmukh subject. Raghav and Pallavi: Raghavi will end Mandar Deshmukh. Mandar will never think of hurting anyone. I will present all evidence, Mandar can do any Mandar, but Raghav is going to get my message.

Mandar tells Sunny that Pallavi is going divorce Raghav. Sunny laughs and then says, “She is playing around with you,” and she says, “She is fooling you.” Mandar then says, okay, Mandar is leaving Aai. Mandar departs. Sunny claims Pallavi is trying fool Mandar, but she doesn’t know that I am with her and won’t allow him to be trapped. Mandar comes home and claims that Pallavi is playing games. Mandar then starts to look for Pallavi all around the house. Mandar realizes Pallavi was in my room, and he hears a squeak in Kitchen.