Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Police discuss Laxmi and the degree of discipline she has. A man approaches her with a cup of tea. Laxmi wants to know the cost of the tea. He tells her that no one pays , and they are your boss in this place, which amount will I be charging you? Laxmi tells him to put it down and tell me. He claims 10 rupees. Laxmi gives him the money and says when the next time, if anyone does not pay, to pay, they should tell me.Laxmi is discussing Raghav Rao along with her teammate. Laxmi states that she verified all his information and found that he’s never been in custom duty as often, he’s selling diamonds as if it was his father’s kingdom and all the system and his opponents are aware of it, but nobody has complained to date, and the Inspector claims that’s because of his fan base and the fear that he has, he smuggles in such a way that we have no evidence, he employs youngsters with low profile to steal diamonds, and they do not know that they’re employed by Raghav. Laxmi insists on calling Raghav at the police station, Inspector says Raghav doesn’t go to the police station. We visit Raghav in the police station, Laxmi says lets go.

Abhishek as well as Nikhil are in Pallavi. Raghav as well as Farhad look at Abhishek, Abhishek says I have some work that I’ll take off
Pallavi has said she will not stay for a while, Nikhil says he has become extremely workaholic God knows what is he doing, he even bought a vehicle and a brand new house, I’m hoping you’re not doing anything illegal, I’ve been arrested for a very serious crime. Pallavi has no ego like you, he is aware of the right and wrong and also the organization you were working for. Nikhil claims that I do not know, I only knew only one name and have told the police.

Keerti observes Sunny sitting there, and asks What are you doing? Sunny declares it is a day off, Pallavi says on weekday that I have found an unbrokered house and we’ll go there this in the evening to look it over. Sunny states that girls are able to remain at their parents’ house for the rest of their lives. If you are ready to go, Keerti says but they aren’t snubbed in their homes. Sunny asks what if I say this will never happen again, Keerti says you are speaking as if you’ve discovered Gennie. Gennie. Sunny is saying something similar to that.

Laxmi visits Raghav as Raghav was about to go away. Abhishek is terrified. Laxmi stares at Ganpati Bappa and heads towards the temple, and asks for blessings. Laxmi stares at Abhishek and hands him a hanky and asks, is she okay, Abhishek says Nikhil lets go, I’ve got work to do, Nikhil accepts and says goodbye to Pallavi. Sunny and Keerti walk down the street too.
Raghav speaks to ACP Laxmi Singh her hand is raised and states that I have recently been transferred, and you were the talk of the town which is why I came to speak with you, Pallavi asks is everything good? Laxmi responds”Mrs. Rao don’t worry Police always does not show up during tough moments, but they also come to warn you about it. Raghav insists that I do not meet without an appointment. Laxmi claims you suffered 23 lakh jewels stolen from you and you didn’t complain about, Raghav says lets sit and chat.
Pallavi believes something isn’t right is going on, and it could be something grave.

Nikhil tells Amruta that she needs to hurry up Krishna is off so they have to shop. Nikhil inquires about what’s going on in the relationship between your and Farhad, Amruta says nothing that serious, I really like him. Nikhil suggests you consider a second thought before you take the next step, he’s of a different clan and will not take it seriously, particularly Baba. Amruta states that I am sure Kaku and Baba will be convinced however Mom and Kaka have too much work to do, Mansi walks to them and says seriously, if you don’t Raghav the assistant of Raghav, and you believe Farhad likes you. And is aware of your abortion and your entire terrible history, and is talking to you merely because you’re Pallavi’s sibling it’s not love which you’ll regret later and leave. Nikhil insists on ignoring her, she is extremely negative, Amruta claims she’s right, and I need to speak to Farhad about the matter.

Laxmi states to Raghav you’ve got good connections with customs officials, Raghav declares I’m a businessman and therefore I am in constant contact with anybody who is beneficial to my business . My main work is customs related, Laxmi says so good that you are able to smuggle diamonds Raghav claims you’re accusing me, Laxmi says not at all a rumor and diamond smuggling has become a the spotlight in Hyderabad and the Government is concerned about it, Raghav says you can look up every single customs document I’ve received, Laxmi says not required as legally, you have to be able to prove that you have done everything correctly but you should check your own as well since I am excellent at this, as if I discover a mistake all the money is lost, as you’ll be required to pay fines and custom duty that is a huge sum that you won’t be able to pay even selling yourself . In addition, I keep an attention to all the top jewelers and nice houses, Laxmi leaves.

Pallavi is worried, Sunny says Keerti I will see you in the near future. Laxmi wants Pallavi to bring her Prasad, Pallavi says sure and she gives the girl Prasad, Laxmi says are you afraid? Pallavi asks why I should be? Laxmi declares that she wishes Raghav had said the same thing, Pallavi affirms I am sure that he did, because Raghav Rao isn’t doing anything in the wrong way, Laxmi says let’s see and then leaves.

Sunny walks towards Pallavi, Pallavi says here is another black cat trying to cross paths, Raghav as well as Farhad, Keerti watching them, Sunny hands Pallavi register, Farhad says it’s our data register, Sunny says here take an look. Pallavi goes through the register and then checks it. Farhad asks how Sunny get it. Sunny says that you have created fake accounts with Keerti you should know the that you have a real account. And now, as per the bet, contact everyone and put him on the spot in before everyone. Pallavi claims that Raghav deserves to be slapped, I didn’t know that is his love for me and he shows Sunny her the bank account filled with photos of her. Sunny states what’s this? It’s real money that I had seen myself. Pallavi tells her to wait, I’ll return soon, and takes her the broom, Raghav smiles when he sees that. Sunny is able to recall Pallavi that she’ll beat him with broom until market. Pallavi notices Keerti and then stops. Sunny observes Keerti too. Raghav tells Farhad let’s go. Pallavi tells Farhad that”I’m leaving you the last time the next time you attempt to create a conflict between us, I’m not going to ever stop because of Keerti