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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Jaya tells Sharda that Ganpati was our first time having it and that your presence made it more enjoyable. Sharda says that Pallavi is available and I don’t think you will ever need it. Jaya looks at Pallavi. Jaya and Raghav leave. Pallavi asks Sharda to take care of her. Sulochana replies that Pallavi felt so good coming to this place, and pulls Milind. Mansi finds this strange. Sharda is hugged by Pallavi, Sharda tells Sharda that Ganpati Bappa is with her, and he will do everything right.

Sunny tells Keerti why it took you so long to get in the shower. Keerti replies that I was just enjoying the bath tub. Sunny then asks Keerti if this is our house. Keerti responds that no, this is my house and my husband and I wouldn’t be insulted. We will move into your flat every day. Sunny states that I believed you would need to stay here in order to convince Amma, so I gave my flat to Rocky. Keerti questions why Sunny said his parents would be there for three to four months. But I will ask him to move. Keerti suggests that we rent a flat for a few days. Sunny asks where to go, but Keerti replies, “Let’s sleep now.” Sunny wonders what we will do with this house, and Sunny also wants to see Pallavi Slap Raghav. This is what I will do today.

Raghav questions Rajan about the bottles. He says Pallavi madam requested to take them out. Raghav then asks Pallavi why. Raghav claims Raghav doesn’t know anything about Sunny, and that Raghav thinks she is evil. Pallavi responds that we can win if we fight. Raghav states that you should have thought this before you let Keerti go and play with her life. Pallavi promises to convince you and show that I wasn’t wrong.

Sunny and Keerti fall asleep. Sunny wakes slowly and walks to Raghav’s Study. Raghav hears the noise and opens his Den. Farhad says Farhad is at home and walks in. Sunny is hiding behind Sofa. Raghav turns on lights and sees a globe on ground. He picks it up and tells Raghav that someone was there. Raghav turns on lights, grabs keys, locks the door from outside, and then leaves.

Sunny declares that he is saved because he didn’t see me. Sunny opens the door but it is locked. Pallavi says, “Now let’s see how angry he remains.”

Pallavi walks up to Raghav, saying Good Morning Sir. Raghav then sees Pallavi in South Indian attire and asks him for coffee. Raghav takes Raghav’s coffee and remembers Keerti hugging Pallavi. Raghav adds that Pallavi can do anything, but that I cannot forget what happened. Raghav continues his coffee. Keerti runs to their room, asking for Sunny. Raghav tells her that people like him are prone to running away. Raghav recalls locking Den and tells Keerti that he knows where he is.

Raghav opens Den, and he starts looking around. Sunny asks Raghav what he is doing in his office. Sunny replies that he doesn’t know why he is here. Raghav asks Sunny to stop the drama. Sunny responds that he does not know why he is here. Keerti said that Sunny isn’t the problem, it was their problem. Let’s just let go. Raghav believes he is lyung surely. Pallavi wonders what Sunny is doing here, and why Raghav was so mad.
Sunny tells Keerti that Keerti is crazy. Keerti replies, “Go freshen up, relax, I will make you coffee.” Sunny leaves Keerti and says Raghav, get ready to be slapped.

Raghav is working out and injures his muscle. Pallavi rushes to Raghav and tells him to call Rajan. Raghav then says, “Why are you so stubborn?” Raghav asks Rajan to help him. Pallavi takes Raghav’s first aid box and gives Raghav the tube. Farhad calls Raghav and tells Raghav that the lady is there. Raghav tells him that he is coming and he leaves. Pallavi claims he is dragging it a lot.



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