Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story: Raghav makes a promise to Pallavi that she will keep.

Pallavi approaches Keerti and inquires about her well-being at the beginning of the episode. Keerti assures her that she is alright. Pallavi tells Keerti that their relationship may have altered, but that they are still friends, and that she is free to say whatever she wants. Moreover, she states that she overheard Keerti and Sunny’s talk and that she is present in order to hear her. She then turns to leave, but Keerti stops her and informs her that she is pregnant and that she does not wish to have this kid with him. Pallavi inquires as to why and whether she has informed Jaya. She also assures Raghav that he will be pleased. Asked about the problem, Keerti responds that no one seems to comprehend that she does not want a child at this time since she wants to concentrate on her career. Pallavi informs Keerti that she is under no need to leave her carrier simply because she is expecting a child. She also shares her experiences with people who have continued to succeed in their careers despite having a child. No one would ever force her to make a decision, and her family will always be at her side. She then attempts to leave the room, but Keerti stops her and embraces her, thanking her for her understanding. Sunny stands outside the room and observes everything, thinking to himself that this is the first time Pallavi has done something positive that will benefit him the most. Afterward, he contacts his friend Rocky and informs him that he is about to become a father and that no one will be able to prevent him from purchasing this home.

Raghav is approached by Sunny, who addresses him as mamu. Raghav becomes enraged and confronts Sunny, asking him why he is addressing him as mamu. Pallavi arrives at the location. Sunny informs Raghav that Keerti is expecting a child. Raghav is taken by surprise. Sunny inquires as to whether Raghav is dissatisfied and mocks him, claiming that he must be concerned about how to deal with him and his son properly. He then had a pleasant conversation with Pallavi before leaving the scene. ‘I can’t believe it,’ Raghav tells Pallavi, referring to the fact that his baby sister Keerti would soon become a mother. Pallavi informs Raghav that it is possible that Keerti does not want this child. Raghav is taken aback and decides to speak with Keerti, but Pallavi prevents him from doing so, stating that she has already spoken with her and that she is well aware that whatever decision Keerti makes, she will consider it before acting. As a result of the wonderful news, Raghav approaches Pallavi and asks for permission to drink. Pallavi refuses and assures him that she is not a fool and would not fall into his trap of allowing him to drink. Raghav and Pallavi get into a heated argument and Raghav tells her that talking to her is a waste of time and walks out of the room. Vijay examines Raghav’s financial records and is taken aback by the fact that he is donating a large sum of money to charity and to those in need. Pallavi arrives and asks Vijay if he would like to have some food. She also inquires about Raghav’s business because she is concerned about Raghav, who has been feeling secure with money but has decided to change his business methods as a result of her influence, and she does not want him to feel insecure. Pallavi is assured by Vijay that she need not be concerned about anything because everything is in order. Raghav is also praised by him for his good deeds, and he refers to him as his son in law. Pallavi breaks down and tells Vijay that this is the first time he has spoken to Raghav as his son in law. Vijay is moved to tears. Vijay then informs Pallavi that he is unable to provide her with all of the information he has on his son in law. Pallavi waves goodbye and walks away from the scene. Vijay expresses his displeasure with Raghav for what he done to his son Mandar, and that he would not forgive him.


Raghav agrees to Pallavi’s request for food. Raghav inquires of Pallavi as to whether there is a special day today because she has prepared so much food. Pallavi informs Raghav that he would be taking a blood test the following day and that he is not allowed to consume anything until then, which is why she has set up all of this. Raghav notices the gravy and inquires as to how Pallavi learned about it. He also informs her that it used to be one of his favourites. Pallavi confronts Raghav and asks him why he didn’t tell her earlier. Raghav informs Pallavi that his ex-girlfriend used to manipulate him into doing this, and that it was only because of her that he had lost faith in all girls. She tells Raghav that she does not want to hear anything about his ex-girlfriend who caused him so much pain, but Raghav interrupts her and explains that his ex-girlfriend is the reason why he has become an emotionless person, but that after Pallavi entered his life, he transformed into the person that everyone wanted him to be. Pallavi lightens the mood by stating that he is not permitted to drink and so requests food. When Sunny is happy, everyone is happy.


Keerti informs him that she is willing to take custody of the child. Raghav speaks with Mr. Dasari, who informs him of the location where they must convene for the meeting. Pallavi enters the room and introduces the doctor, who goes by the name of Esha. After wondering why the information regarding Esha is suddenly being brought to his attention, Raghav informs Pallavi of the situation. Pallavi advises Raghav not to think too much about it. She then requests that the doctor do the test, and she will be the one responsible for collecting the results. Mr. Dasari informs Esha that she is required to attend a meeting in which Raghav Rao would be present. Esha agrees to attend. Esha becomes agitated and informs Raghav. She then informs him that she will be accompanying him to the appointment. Pallavi is relieved when Raghav’s report comes back normal, but she is concerned that Raghav may relapse into alcoholism. When the doctor informs Pallavi that Raghav will not relapse into alcoholism, Pallavi has an epiphany. Raghav will experience fertility problems if he continues to drink. Pallavi calls Raghav and tells him that she would meet with him in person to discuss his health difficulties. Raghav asks Farhad to look up all of the health issues that Raghav will have on the internet, and he is horrified to learn about all of them. He tells Raghav that he is going to create a will in the names of his family members and asks him to call everyone. Esha arrives at her residence and worries how she will cope with Raghav’s resentment for her presence.