Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 3rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 3rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The episode begins with someone knocking on Sharda’s bedroom where Pallavi sleeps. Pallavi wonders what she can do to help Mandar, and then asks the person from the opposite side who it is. Raghav enters the bedroom. Pallavi locks Pallavi’s room. Raghav tells Pallavi that someone may have seen him. Pallavi questions Raghav about why he’s here. Raghav says he’s here to have romantic time with his wife. Raghav is told by Pallavi that he wanted to kill Mandar, and he should go to jail. Now he wants romance with Pallavi and pushes him away. Raghav informs Pallavi that Raghav doesn’t have other options and that he could have hurt her if he didn’t make such difficult decisions. Pallavi says that for two days of pain, he decided to spend his whole life in prison. Raghav says to Pallavi that he can’t even see her pain for two seconds. Pallavi hugs Raghav.

Raghav tells Pallavi that they were married but have never shared intimate moments together. Pallavi pulls Pallavi closer, but Raghav informs Raghav that it is Sharda in her room that is asleep. Raghav says that even Sharda knows a lot about romance. Pallavi scolds him. Raghav is then scolded by Pallavi. Raghav says he is certain that they can trap Sunny after the puja fight between Mandar & Sunny. Pallavi says they can threaten Sunny by calling Keerti their name. Sunny recalls the fight with Mandar in his home and begins to drink alcohol.

Raghav makes Raghav leave, but Pallavi makes Raghav hug her outside. They both hear the Telugu song, and wonder where it came from. Both realize Sharda switched on the music, and Sharda tells Sharda that she wanted to speak to them. Pallavi asks Sharda, who blinks once. Pallavi says Raghav that it’s their code language. Sharda then takes Mandar’s first name and shows Raghav his phone. Then, Sharda takes Mansi’s name. Pallavi recollects giving Mansi her phone the other day. She tells Raghav that they will get information about Mandar from Mansi’s cell phone. Raghav questions Mansi about how they will get the information. Pallavi has an idea and thanks Sharda. She then calls Sharda Superhero, even though they are in dire need of her help. Raghav says that Sharda’s hard work is not in vain. Raghav is told by Pallavi that Mansi will not give her mobile phone to her, but to him. Raghav gets confused.

Raghav grabs the tray from Sulochana’s hand and goes to Sulochana’s. But he is scared so he asks Pallavi to let him go. Raghav is told by Pallavi that he cannot do this. Raghav informs Pallavi Sulochana might do something for him. Pallavi says that she wants him to do what she plans and asks him to follow her lead. Raghav refuses, so Pallavi threatens Raghav with a knife. Raghav accepts. Pallavi knocks on Sulochana’s door and hides. Raghav enters the bedroom when Sulochana calls for him to come in with a glass of juice in his hand. Raghav Sulochana is happy to see Raghav and asks him why he bought it for her. Raghav signs the Sawpnil sign at her. Pallavi instructs Rama to follow his instructions. Sulochana questions Swapnil about his worry. Rama, who is also known as Prakash, enters the room and tells Sulochana Swapnil’s family that Swapnil wants to marry the second time. However, his mobile doesn’t work so he tells them that Swapnil likes someone else. He asks them to cancel their marriage plans. Sulochana requests Raghav to take Mansi’s phone and gives it to him. Raghav attempts to take it, but Sulochana resists and asks him which woman he loves. Raghav then drops everything and takes the mobile with him.

Mandar spots the man outside his home. He tells the guy that he has done so much for him. He threatens Mandar with putting Mandar’s video online. Then he asks Mandar to fulfill his wish and promises that if he doesn’t, he wont force him to do anything. Mandar says he will think about it. Farhad is told by Pallavi about Raghav’s reaction to Sulochana asking him who he liked. He laughs at Pallavi. Raghav says that Sulochana may have done something to Raghav. Pallavi says she is there for Raghav. They open Mansi’s mobile phone and listen to the recording in which Mandar talks to Mansi regarding laptop. Farhad informs Raghav, Pallavi and Raghav that he will contact the shop owner. Mandar calls Raghav, telling him that a child wants to take a picture with him. Raghav then asks Raghav to put an end to his gibberish and cut the call. Farhad tells Raghav and Pallavi Mandar that they bought a new laptop. Raghav and Pallavi realize that the man who asked Mandar to take pictures with Raghav Raghav was the one who called Mandar. Raghav tells Raghav that he has an idea. Raghav is then told by Pallavi that she is frightening him.


Later, Pallavi visits Mandar in his room and questions him about why he is so anxious and stressed. She tells Raghav that they can send Raghav another divorce papers. Mandar stops from telling Pallavi the truth. Pallavi leaves the room and says she will book a massage for Mandar to relax. She looks at Mandar, and then says that Mandar is going to be punished soon. Sunny then lashes out at Keerti and tells her that he will not stop until he gets revenge on Mandar. He then meets Raghav. Raghav tells him that Sunny is the one who will help him learn more about the man. Sunny asks Raghav if he wants to replace his boss. Sunny informs Raghav that he doesn’t have a boss and it was him who needed his help. Raghav looks at Sunny.