Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Raghav rushes into the room and is taken aback when he discovers no one is there. He then wonders where Pallavi is. ACP looks around the room. At Raghav, Farhad makes a sign. ACP inquires of Raghav as to why the room is set up in this manner. Raghav informs ACP that this room houses his past memories and requests that she leave, but ACP refuses, claiming that she would check the entire room. Farhad is concerned when ACP approaches the hospital machine. Before ACP sees the machine, one of the officers enters the room and informs ACP that the diamonds were handed up to the station by someone who claimed to have seen it in the middle of nowhere.

ACP inquires as to how this is feasible. Raghav tells ACP that she has found what she is looking for and that if she does not leave the house, he will force her to leave Hyderabad. ACP walks out of the house. Raghav and Farhad make their way to Pallavi’s garage. Amruta is there, he notices. Farhad informs Raghav that Amruta was the one who assisted him in safely transporting Pallavi to this location. Raghav praises Amruta, who says it’s unnecessary and that she already knows everything thanks to Sharda, who is praying for Pallavi in the temple, and she swears not to return until Pallavi heals. She then gives Raghav prasad and informs him that Milind is always phoning her and that she must leave.


Raghav instructs Farhad to carefully deliver Amruta to her room. Farhad agrees and departs with Amruta. Keerti is concerned about all that is going on and wonders where Sunny is. She then hears a knock at the door and rushes to answer it, only to be surprised to discover Sunny there. She inquires as to what he is concealing from her. Sunny keeps his mouth shut and claims that no one knows he’s in the room.


The officer tells ACP that because Raghav is intelligent, they won’t be able to discover any evidence against him this time, therefore it’s best to leave him alone, or she’ll have to resign her position. ACP becomes enraged and turns to face the cop. Amruta is dropped off at her home by Farhad. He then informs Amruta that the last few days have been stressful and that he hasn’t been able to fully communicate with her, and that Milind has threatened not to meet her. Amruta is taken aback, but before she can react, Milind steps in and informs Farhad that he is still meeting his daughter, smacks Amruta, and instructs her to enter the house.


Amruta exits the building. Farhad tells Milind that he and Amruta enjoy one other and that they are both mature and responsible, but he thinks he is overreacting and departs. Milind observes the situation. Raghav is a heavy drinker. Pallavi, he imagines, is approaching him and telling him to stop drinking because he’s had too much. Raghav tells Pallavi that seeing her in that situation saddens him so badly that he can’t stand it any longer, and he begs her to get better quickly. Pallavi informs Raghav that she would get better if he follows one condition. Raghav begs Pallavi to explain the situation. Pallavi invites him to join her in dancing.


Raghav and Pallavi perform a dance. Raghav claims that he just wants her in his life and that she is great for him. He then imagines Pallavi tumbling to the ground and screams Pallavi’s name as he emerges from his reverie. Vijay is concerned about Sharda’s safety. Milind arrives and informs Sharda that Pallavi’s condition is deteriorating and that she is receiving treatment at the house, so Sharda left to the temple and decided not to return till Pallavi recovers. Vijay and Sulochana are taken aback.


In his intoxicated state, Raghav goes to the room where Pallavi is receiving treatment and asks her to wake up soon. He also inquires as to why she is defiant and refuses to listen to his comments. He also says that he can’t live without her, and that if she doesn’t listen to him and wake up, he will drink and die as well. When the doctor instructs him to relax, he decides to leave the room, but Pallavi’s health deteriorates before he can go, shocking the doctor, who asks the nurse for an injection to stabilise Pallavi’s pulse. Pallavi’s chest is then examined by the nurse, but she is unable to bring Pallavi out of danger.


When the doctor apologises for not being able to save Pallavi, Raghav threatens him. The doctor then agrees to take action. Pallavi’s heartbeat returns to normal after the nurse pumps her chest once more. Raghav exhales a sigh of relief. After that, he kisses Pallavi’s hand. Milimd apologises to Amruta the next day for his behaviour the day before. Amruta tells Milind that she understands his concerns about her safety given her past, but she didn’t expect him to react the way Sulochana and Mansi did. She then informs Milind that she would be meeting Pallavi.


Milind requests Amruta to bring him along as well. Amruta concurs. Vijay also expresses his desire to meet Pallavi. They all exchange friendly smiles. Pallavi is moving her fingers as Raghav wakes up, so he calls the doctor before the doctor enters the room and Pallavi opens her eyes. Raghav is overjoyed. Pallavi is checked by the doctor, who informs Raghav that she is stable and can be moved to the standard room. Pallavi tries to speak, but Raghav interrupts her and smiles warmly at her.