Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

While drinking, Raghav mulls about his talk with Farhad, as well as Jaya and Sharda’s conversation. Pallavi arrives and asks Raghav if he thinks he’s drinking too much, but Raghav tells her not to say anything. Pallavi tells Raghav that she wants to tell him about ACP Laxmi, but Raghav interrupts her, saying that he knows she is now friends with ACP and has told her everything about his illicit operation, which is why security in the customs office has been reinforced even further. Pallavi informs Raghav that ACP Laxmi provided her with a lift. Raghav ignores Pallavi and claims that he witnessed everything. He further teases Pallavi, saying that if she wanted to be a perfect ideal person who never did anything wrong, why was she born as a human instead of begging God to create her a god? She is unconcerned about everything, including what happens to him. Pallavi becomes enraged and asks him how dare he slander her in this manner. She informs him that she has a problem with him doing bad things and that she will turn him into a nice person and teach him to see his errors.

Raghav suggests to Pallavi that if she has such a problem with his money, she should leave this house, which was created with his money, just as she refuses to eat food made with his money. Pallavi is taken aback. She then furiously tells Raghav that this house and he are both hers, and she will not abandon him or the house. She is also stubborn, and she will transform him into a good person, just like him. She also reminds him that the previous time he asked her to leave the house, she packed his belongings, and if he wanted to do so again this time, she is ready to do so. She also informs him that his wrongdoings will only keep him from leaving the house for the rest of his life and then exits the room.

Farhad expresses his concerns to Amruta regarding Raghav and Pallavi’s relationship, which is in a sensitive state. Rather than patching things up, the gulf between them is widening. Amruta inquires of Farhad what he will do if she asks him to refrain from engaging in any criminal activity, as Pallavi has asked Raghav to do. Farhad informs Amruta that Raghav and Pallavi are husband and wife, but does not elaborate on their relationship. Amruta begs Farhad to consider what kind of relationship they have and then inform her of his response to her query. Farhad promises Amruta that if he finds out, he will inform her. Amruta casts a glance at Farhad. Pallavi recalls Raghav’s words after seeing her wedding photo.

While drinking, Raghav mulls about Sharda’s remarks about Pallavi, as well as Pallavi’s determination to change him. Pallavi walks over to the bedside and sits on the floor. Raghav arrives at the stairwell, sits down, and drinks. Pallavi wakes up the next morning and is surprised to see Raghav hasn’t come to the room all night, so she decides to go look for him, but Raghav enters the room and ignores Pallavi. On the phone, ACP tells the commissioner that she would not allow Raghav to take the diamond. She then warns her colleague that they must be prepared to capture Raghav at any costs. Raghav is invited to breakfast by Pallavi. Farhad arrives and informs Raghav that he has to speak with him about something serious, so the two of them proceed to the office room. Pallavi instructs the cook to prepare lunch and informs him of what he needs to prepare for dinner before leaving the kitchen.

Farhad informs Raghav that they have to take the diamonds out today, which is impossible, and that he wants to back out of his agreement, but Raghav tells Farhad that he won’t. Sunny mocks Pallavi, asking if her husband isn’t paying attention to her and telling her that Raghav isn’t going to change. Pallavi tells him not to comment like bypassers and to stay within his limitations, but Sunny doesn’t listen, so Pallavi calls the cook and asks if he has fed the stray dogs yet because one of them has entered the house and is barking excessively. Sunny becomes enraged and lifts his hand, but Pallavi stops him, stating that it is her house and that if her husband sees him doing this to her, he will surely murder him, so she urges him to go to his wife because neither she nor Raghav wants his counsel and exits the scene. Raghav enters his office room dressed as a custom officer and informs Farhad that he is going to remove the diamonds by himself because he does not want to jeopardise anyone’s life.

Farhad concerns him about being caught, but Raghav assures him that no one knows, so there is no need to be concerned, and they both go. Sunny has overheard everything and has informed ACP Laxmi. ACP Laxmi informs the cops that they must apprehend Raghaav today at any costs. Sunny informs Keerti that Raghav is unlucky, which is why she is going against his desires, even after he has done so much to Pallavi, and that she may become a police informant, putting Raghav’s life in risk. Keerti becomes enraged and tells Sunny that if this occurs again, she will kill Pallavi. Sunny cuddles Keerti and tells her to relax. He then thinks to himself, “I can’t wait to see Pallavi again in a white saree.” When Pallavi’s Mangalsutra breaks while she’s arranging sarees at the shop, one of the workers informs her that her mother considers it inauspicious, but since they’re old people, she doesn’t have to worry about it and walks away. Pallavi prays to God to safeguard Raghav from any danger that may come his way.