Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 25th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Farhad tells Raghav that they need to start the project tomorrow, and that he has packed all of the gems. Raghav informs Farhad that no one will suspect the guy who would work this time, and he invites Farhad to come and he will inform him. Sunny hears everything from outside and informs them that they are alone, which explains why they are discreetly discussing how to study and create a drama out of it.

When Raghav and Farhad hear a noise, Raghav invites Farhad to investigate. Sunny flees to his hiding place. Farhad looks for someone but doesn’t locate anyone, so he returns. Sunny resolves to figure out who Raghav is going to use it to smuggle him out of the country. Farhad emerges from the house while on the phone, telling the person on the other end of the line that he has a parcel to deliver and that he would be unable to attend. Vijay arrives and inquires about the incident with Farhad.

Farhad claims that one of their customers stole jewellery from one of their stores, prompting the manager to summon him. Vijay informs Farhad that he will deliver the package. Farhad hands him money and offers him his address. One of the officers stands back and watches everything from afar. Sunny tags along with Vijay to the market.

Sunny grins, thinking to himself that he knows Raghav will agree to recruit Vijay so that he may exploit him in his smuggling operation. Pallavi, who works in the store, explains the saree to a customer and how it looks on her, but she is taken aback when she sees ACP Laxmi and other cops present. Pallavi is informed by ACP that she wishes to speak with her about something serious. Pallavi leaves the shop to speak with ACP.

Pallavi is asked who it is by ACP, who points to Vijay, who searches for the address that Farhad requested.

transport the package Pallavi informs ACP that Vijay is her father and inquires as to why she is inquiring. Sunny notices Pallavi and ACP and retreats to his hiding place to observe their interactions.

Raghav is using Vijay to smuggle his gems, according to ACP. Pallavi disputes it, claiming that while Raghav may be a criminal, she knows he would never go to such lengths. Pallavi is told by ACP that she used to think of her as a smart person, but that she has gone blind because of her love for her husband. Vijay is taken violently by a few police officers.

Vijay inquires as to what they are doing to him, then turns to Pallavi and inquires as to what is going on. Pallavi is told by ACP that she will establish her point regarding her husband Raghav today, and she searches the bag in Vijay’s hand but finds nothing. She also instructs the officers to conduct a search of Vijay. She comes up with nothing.

Pallavi assures ACP that Raghav would never commit such a thing. Pallavi is told by ACP that when she came to Hyderabad, she promised her superior officers that she would ensure that all criminals were punished. She may have received incorrect information today, but she will soon place Raghav behind bars and depart the premises. Sunny believes Raghav is a brilliant individual, and he believes he is employing Vijay here. Pallavi is informed by one of the workers that the manager is calling her, so she enters.

Vijay phones Farhad and expresses his displeasure with the way the cops treated him. Farhad apologises and invites him to return to his home to relax before returning to work the next day. Raghav is enraged when Farhad tells him everything, and scolds him for sending Vijay to do the work he requested him to do.

Farhaf tells Raghav that he had planned to utilise Vijay for smuggling. Raghav becomes enraged once more and tells Farhad that he is not a callous person who would jeopardise someone’s life like that, and that if his wife doesn’t understand him, then can he expect him to understand him?

Pallavi dials Raghav’s number, but he ignores her. Pallavi becomes concerned and says she wants to inform Raghav about ACP’s threat, but the shop manager arrives and informs Pallavi that if the police come to their shop again, she must leave, but Pallavi assures it won’t happen again.

Sunny is introduced to ACP. Raghav and Pallavi’s relationship and love for each other is discussed by the latter. Sunny not only tells her everything, but he also informs ACP how crucial the diamonds are to Raghav. Sunny is told by ACP that she will investigate the situation on her own. Raghav provides Farhad a list of delivery men’s names, telling him that they will assist them in smuggling their diamond, which ACP will never know about.

Vijay informs the rest of the family about what transpired in the market and chastises Sharda for pressuring him to work with Raghav. Sulochana begins to criticise Raghav, but Nikhil interrupts her and tells her not to change her mind about someone so frequently. Amruta echoes Nikhil’s sentiments and assures Vijay that Farhad will never put him in such a scenario.

Mansi mocks her, but Amruta tells her that she should not say anything. Milind begins to be concerned and suspicious. Pallavi inquires of the auto rickshaw driver how long it will take to fix the vehicle. A few more minutes, the driver says. Raghav takes a drink and remembers Farhad’s remark that Pallavi is in the market with ACP and Vijay. Farhad informs Raghav that they would not be able to smuggle diamonds since customs security has been intensified, but Raghav invites him to return later.

Pallavi agrees to take a trip with ACP. Pallavi thinks for a moment before agreeing. When ACP asks Pallavi about her personal life, she expresses her desire to be her friend. Pallavi hesitates, so ACP tells her to disregard her, explaining that she understands her hesitation, and then asks Pallavi to list four or five biryani places in Hyderabad.

Pallavi smiles and says, “All right.” Sharda informs Jaya that she is concerned about Vijay’s rage and that she will speak with Palllavi. She also tells Jaya about what Palllavi did to make Nikhil realise his mistake after he cheated on the exam. Raghav returns to his room after hearing everything. Pallavi is getting out of an automobile, which he sees through the window. He wonders who is with Pallavi and is surprised to discover ACP. He becomes enraged.