Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Pallavi feels upset as she looks at her and Raghav’s wedding photoshoot pictures on the wall, reminiscing her times with Raghav as well as his promise that once the night is through, their battle will be ended. Raghav enters the room inebriated and informs Pallavi that he has called her new boss and requested that he terminate her. Pallavi is taken aback.

Raghav then explains that he didn’t call her owner since their love for one another prevented him from doing so. Pallavi is ecstatic. Raghav informs Pallavi that he would speak today and that she must listen to him. He then asks her why he is worse than Vijay, who continues to support Mandar despite knowing that he is a killer. He also claims that her ex-husband is a murderer, despite the fact that, in comparison to them, he has done nothing wrong and is accusing her.

He also reminds Pallavi that money is the most important thing in order for her to have food and to be in a better situation. Pallavi tells Raghav that they can discuss later and tries to touch him, but Raghav stops her and tells her that loving her is his biggest mistake in life and asks her not to touch him before falling asleep on the bed.

Pallavi becomes depressed. When Farhad wakes up the next day, Raghav inquires about Pallavi. Farhad admits to Raghav that he has no idea. Raghav rushes out of his room and inquires about Pallavi, to which Jaya responds that Pallavi had just just left the house for her first day of work. Raghav rushes out of his house and motions Pallavi to come to a halt, but Pallavi drives away in an auto rickshaw. Raghav becomes enraged.

Vijay takes the items that he used to use when he worked in an office. Vijay and Sharda discuss their memories of the events. Vijay tells Sharda that he doesn’t want to undertake this task, but her obstinacy forces him to do it.

When Vijay expresses his concern about not being competent of doing the work, Sharda tells him not to worry and to perform his job. Later, they will know if he is capable or not. He then receives a call from Farhad, who requests that he come to the office today. Pallavi visits the boutique and speaks with the proprietor.

Pallavi then notices a customer asking for a discount on the saree, but another sakes girl tells her they can’t give her a discount, so she asks permission from the owner and goes to the customer and praises the saree before telling her they can only give her a ten percent discount, not the twenty percent the customer requested.

The buyer is pleased and thanks her for purchasing the saree. Pallavi is also thanked by the sales girl for her assistance. One of the shop’s employees, who had earlier met her, compliments her on her work and invites her to begin her new position the next day. Pallavi is ecstatic. Raghav drinks while reminiscing about his relationship with Pallavi. Farhad arrives and inquires as to why he is also drinking during the day.

Raghav becomes enraged and tells Farhad that it is his wish and that he must tell him what he would say. Farhad informs Raghav that they have an opportunity to bid on a government contract, and they must request a sum of many hundred crores. Raghav instructs Farhad to make a two-hundred-crore mark on the quotation.

Farhad warns him that he will suffer a significant setback. Raghav informs Farhad that they will not, but that they will need to spend more money than they have already spent. He also urges Farhad to ensure that the tender reaches them at all costs. Farhad concurs. Raghav claims that he will prove to some individuals that money is everything and that they cannot survive without it.

Pallavi runs into Amruta outside the business and expresses her dissatisfaction with Raghav for not understanding why she is doing all of this. Amruta congratulates Pallavi on her new work and informs her that Raghav has offered Vijay a position.

Pallavi inquires as to Amruta’s occupation, as she is unsure. Amruta claims that she, too, is unaware of the situation. Farhad informs Vijay that his job is to be an accountant, and that he has been assigned to one of the tiny showrooms’ accounts until he has learned everything he needs to know in order to become an accountant for all of the showrooms. Vijay informs Farhad that he is unable to operate the computer, to which Farhad responds that he would educate him and asks him not to be concerned. Raghav walks inside the workplace.

Farhad approaches Raghav and inquires about the diamond smuggling plan. Raghav tells Farhad not to be concerned since he has plans. When ACP learns that Raghav has applied for a government position, she instructs her colleague to keep a close eye on Raghav’s every action, stating that Raghav will almost certainly be involved in smuggling and that they must capture him this time.

In the middle of the night, Raghav drinks, remembering his confrontation with Pallavi. Pallavi arrives to the residence. They exchange glances and contemplate holding each other. Raghav walks out of the room. Pallavi explains that she is trying everything she can to make Raghav see his error. She wishes that he realises what he is doing is wrong and that everything returns to normal.

During dinner, Jaya requests that Pallavi serve her as well as Raghav, but Raghav stops her and intends to leave, but Farhad arrives and informs him that they have received a government order. Raghav is overjoyed and promises them that they will prove themselves, then proceeds to seek Jaya’s blessings. Pallavi congratulates him, but Raghav looks at her coldly and walks away.