Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Jaya appears in the episode and tells Pallavi that she is concerned about everyone. Raghav arrives and requests that Rajan serve the dinner. Raghav is asked by Jaya if his work is becoming increasingly difficult. Raghav reminds Jaya that he needs to make money in order to achieve all of his goals, unlike others who believe they can live without it. Money can also serve as protection, and if she has any doubts, she may ask her son-in-law Sunny, who is also here for that purpose.

Sunny becomes enraged, but warns Raghav not to include him in their quarrel. Pallavi promises Jaya that her food will be delivered, and Jaya agrees. Raghav notices Pallavi eating something different and inquires about the new play. Pallavi informs Raghav that she can only afford this amount.

Raghav requests that Pallavi not force him to become the old Raghav that he is. Media personnel enter the RR home and state that they have heard Raghav and Pallavi are going through a difficult time, and that Pallavi is being tortured by her in-laws. Raghav and Pallavi are taken aback. Raghav is asked by a reporter if the information they received is accurate.

Raghav becomes enraged. As a result, the media person claims that Raghav’s rage demonstrates that whatever information they obtained is accurate. They then go to Pallavi and demand that she disclose the truth about the torture she is subjected to in her in-home. law’s

Pallavi informs the journalists that the fact is that they are practising third-class journalism, and she questions how they could come into her house and try to humiliate her family by falsely accusing them. She discusses how the media is unconcerned about other people’s feelings, particularly when the individual is well-known in society. One of the reporters requests that the camera be turned off.

Pallavi asks the reporter why they are turning off their cameras now that she is saying the truth. She then goes on to say how delighted she is with her in-laws and how much she and her husband love each other, just as they have since the beginning. Pallavi is informed by one of the reporters that they have arrived because her in-laws are tormenting her.

Pallavi realises who it is, but instead of confronting them, she tells the media that she is happy, even if she isn’t, and that they can help her. She also mentions that she fasts every Thursday, which explains why she is eating so plainly. She also urges them to leave and tells them not to approach her family again. They’ve all left the building.

Raghav promises to show them what he is capable of. Pallavi informs Raghav that he may be able to close the media outlets with his money, but that they will need words full of truth to defend themselves, which will come through their actions, and then she exits the room.

Sunny informs Keerti that she is not a Pallavi fan, but that the way she defended her family today touched her much. She then notices Sunny is buried in thought and approaches him to inquire about his thoughts.

Sunny mentions that he has a lovely wife and that he is thinking of her as he draws his face closer to Keertis. When Pallavi opens the door, they are both taken aback. Sunny asks Pallavi how she dares to open a married couple’s room without knocking on the door, and how many times he has to tell her this.

Pallavi chastises Sunny for attempting to humiliate her family and advises him to lock the door if he wishes to spend time with his wife. Pallavi warns Keerti not to disturb her when she speaks with the house son-in-law. Sunny asks Pallavi not to express her dissatisfaction with them. just because Raghav isn’t paying attention to what she’s saying.

Pallavi inquires of Sunny when he last listened to his wife’s remarks, and because she knows Keerti does not want to stay here, why is he not taking her to their home? She also threatens to murder him if he tries to repeat the same mistake and flees the scene again.

Sunny becomes enraged and believes to himself that Pallavi has harmed his ego and that she and Raghav must pay the price. Raghav assists Pallavi in selecting a saree; they exchange glances before departing in separate directions. Pallavi is overjoyed when she sees the icecream. Raghav informs Pallavi that Farhad purchased this for everyone and that he works for him, so the items melt when she takes them.

Pallavi claims that she follows the same rule for everyone, and that everything works out in the end. Just like storing ice cream in the fridge improves it, following Pallavi’s regulations improves everyone. Raghav retires to his bed. Pallavi thinks to herself that she doesn’t want to hurt him, but she has to show him that they can have a happy life if they stay away from illicit activities. Pallavi goes for an interview the next day, and the owner informs her that she is Raghav Rao’s wife, and that she does not need this work because her husband can purchase her show space.

Pallavi informs Nikhil that no one is looking at her talent; instead, they are focusing at her qualification as Raghav’s wife, and she is unable to get work. Nikhil invites Pallavi to work in their shop, but she refuses, claiming that Raghav gave them this shop and that if she works here, she will never be able to make Raghav see his mistakes. Pallavi then leaves, claiming that she has another interview. Raghav receives a call from the owner to whom Pallavi went for an interview, and upon learning that Pallavi is looking for work, he becomes enraged.

Pallavi arrives at the house and joyfully informs Jaya that she has gotten a job and presents her with a sweet. Raghav arrives and informs Pallavi that she will not be allowed to work. Pallavi informs him that she will not be requesting his consent. Raghav inquires as to why Pallavi is doing this; while he acknowledges that he engages in unlawful business, this does not imply that he is participating in illicit activities on a regular basis.

Pallavi advises Raghav that the one through which he is known to everyone is the one through which he is performing illegal business, and that he should throw it away. Raghav becomes enraged and warns Pallavi that he would prevent her from working outside, but Pallavi tells him that he will fail. Vijay arrives and informs everyone that Farhad has been offered a new job. Everyone is curious as to why he is upset. Later, Sharda and Milind are concerned that Vijay may do something foolish. Sunny goes to Raghav and tells him that he has done so much for Pallavi, but she is toying with him, and that she is messing with him in his business, where she has no rights, and that he is happy to have someone like Keerti because who doesn’t cause major difficulties for minor mistakes? Raghav instructs Sunny not to mention anything negative about Pallavi, then phones Farhad to find out where Pallavi obtained her job and to get all the details.