Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Pallavi begins the episode by asking Jaya if she has any medicines. Jaya informs Pallavi that it wasn’t Harish who did everything properly, but Raghav. She also asks Pallavi if she surrendered the gems to the cops. Pallavi lowers her head. Pallavi is questioned by Jaya as to why she did not file a complaint against Raghav. Is she opposed to Raghav’s transformation?

Pallavi tells Jaya that she wants Raghav to change and that she will help him do so. Pallavi’s decision to alter Raghav will be supported by Jaya. Pallavi is overjoyed, so she asks Jaya for medicine. Farhad is instructed by Raghav to put the diamonds in a secure location so that ACP will not be able to discover them. He also claims that they have cancelled all meetings so that ACP will not be able to figure out what they are up to. He then inquires as to why Farhad seemed to be agitated.

Farhad apologises to Raghav for being disrespectful to Pallavi earlier, but Raghav assures Farhad that he understands why he was harsh to Pallavi and that he does not need to worry. Farhad expresses his displeasure at Raghav and Pallavi’s misconceptions. Raghav tells Farhad that in a few days, his Saree Ka Dukhan will embrace him for who he is. He then asks Farhad to set up a meeting in the residence with one of his business partners, Mr. Modwani. Farhad concurs.

When Keerti opens the door, she is taken aback to discover Pallavi dressed simply and without jewellery. Pallavi enters the kitchen, places the items, and informs the worker that she will eat the items she purchased. Pallavi is confronted by Keerti, who inquires as to what she is attempting to prove. Pallavi informs Keerti that she does not wish to share any information with her.

Pallavi informs Jaya that she does not want to use the things that Raghav has gained. Pallavi is mocked by Keerti, who challenges her love for Raghav. Pallavi assures Keerti that she is not like her, who is blinded by love and allows their lover to do anything they want, and that she will reform Raghav in her own way.

Keerti tells Pallavi that she is unaware of Raghav’s rage and that they can see whose love triumphs in the end and exits the scene. Sunny hears everything from outside and tells Raghav and Pallavi that he wants their relationship to break down gradually so that he can obtain what he wants.

Farhad informs Amruta that Pallavi has decided not to use any of Raghav’s earnings, and he requests that Amruta speak with Pallavi and persuade her that Raghav is a nice person. Amruta tells Farhad that unlawful actions are illegal no matter what kind of reason they can offer, and she will back Pallavi only because she understands the consequences of doing illegal things or heading in the wrong direction.

Raghav dials Farhad’s number and informs him that his business partner is on his way. Farhad nods and exits the room. Mr. Modwani, Raghav’s business partner, is greeted by Pallavi, who goes inside to make them tea. Raghav and Farhad arrive to the residence.

Mr.Modwani congratulates Raghav on hiring such an excellent employee with good manners who treats his coworkers properly. Raghav believes it is Rajan, but Mr.Modwani informs him it isn’t Rajan and that he is merely talking about Pallavi. Raghav becomes enraged and tells him that he has no right to talk about his wife in that manner.

Mr.Modwani informs Raghav that he isn’t treating his wife well, which is why she is dressed in such a way. If a beggar near his house wouldn’t dress in such a way, what else will he think? He tells him that he won’t do business with him and leaves the house. Raghav becomes enraged and drags Pallavi inside the room. Pallavi requests Raghav to take her hand away, claiming that it is hurting her.

Raghav requests that Pallavi change her attire, but Pallavi refuses, stating that she will not use anything that he obtained illegally. Raghav becomes enraged and tosses everything away, telling Pallavi not to push him to the point where he becomes like the person he was before, since if he does, she won’t be able to do anything and will have to leave the property.

Pallavi enters the house with the items hurled by Raghav and informs Jaya that she is doing so because Sunny does not want to take advantage of the situation. She further states that she is here to change Raghav and that she is prepared to face any situation. She also informs Jaya that she is looking for work. Jaya smiles and assures her that she would always be beside her.

Farhad informs Raghav that they have a new shipment. Raghav informs Farhad that they will not utilise young guys because ACP is aware of this, thus he has devised a strategy to use people who would not raise ACP’s suspicions. Vijay declines to accept Raghav’s employment offer, despite Sharad’s request.

Amruta informs Vijay that he is the one who will put in the effort to prove himself, thus he requests that he take the offer. Sulochana agrees with Amruta’s views and encourages her to deliver Vijay’s CV to Farhad. Amruta concurs. Mansi is perplexed. Sunny is invited to the dinner table by vKeerti, who says they can witness Raghav and Pallavi’s drama. Sunny grins and says that not only the family, but the entire city of Hyderabad would be there to see it.