Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 1st October 2021 Upcoming Story: Raghav makes a promise to Pallavi that she will keep.

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Sunny phones ACP Laxmi to speak with her, but the subordinate officer informs him that Raghav has reassigned her. Suny is taken aback. Raghav enters his room and informs Pallavi that a doctor’s team will see her in the evening and that she should relax till then. Pallavi motions for him to approach her. Raghav assists Pallavi in taking a seat. Pallavi tells Raghav that she feels like he has changed once she regains consciousness.

Raghav informs Pallavi that he has realised his error. He also expresses his understanding that their wrongdoings will have an impact on their loved ones. Pallavi tries to reassure Raghav that she isn’t in this position because of his fault, but Raghav interrupts her and tells her not to say anything to make him feel better since he knows it’s his fault, and that she has no idea what he is going through when she is unconscious. He has already lost his father and brother, and he does not wish to lose her as well.

After losing his father and brother, he became the guy no one wants him to be, but witnessing her in peril transformed him into the person Pallavi desires. He then makes a pledge to Pallavi that he will never engage in any unlawful activity. Pallavi is overjoyed and expresses her gratitude to him for agreeing with her and making this decision. Pallavi is visited by Amruta Milind and Vijay.

Raghav is praised by Anruta, who considers herself fortunate to have him as her husband. Milind assures Pallavi that he would notify Sharda of her recovery. Vijay wishes Pallavi a speedy recovery and assures her that they are all concerned about her. Pallavi expresses her gratitude for his visit. Raghav thereafter takes excellent care of Pallavi. Pallavi resumes her daily routine one by one.

Pallavi inquires as to when Jaya will return, to which Raghav responds that she has gone to her brother’s place and would return in a few days. Pallavi is irritated by the bitterness of the drugs. Farhad interrupts Raghav and Pallavi, informing him that government officers have arrived to meet him. Raghav requests that Farhad inform them that he is busy caring for his wife and would return later, but Pallavi assures Raghav that she is OK and instructs him to speak with the cops.

Raghav accepts and walks over to the officers to speak with them. The officials inform Raghav that they can no longer offer him additional time and that they require the crown with the diamonds on the same day that they previously informed him. Raghav promises them that their crown will arrive on time. Farhad warns Raghav that if he does this, they would suffer a significant loss.

Raghav informs Farhad that he is aware of this, but that he will keep his commitment and requests that Farhad organise the gems in a lawful manner. Farhad nods and exits the room. Pallavi hears everything from the outside and rushes in to hug Raghav. She then informs Raghav that he has transformed and that she is pleased for him.

Raghav promises Pallavi that he will go to any length to help her. He also claims that wives constantly compliment their husbands, which he claims is an unwritten rule in the husband and wife relationship book. Pallavi mocks Raghav’s appearance. Raghav then grabs Pallavi by the hand and promises to give her the answer she seeks, bringing his face closer to her. However, they are interrupted by a phone call, and Raghav asks Pallavi to go, claiming it is a business call. Pallavi exits the building.

Amruta is undecided about what message to convey Farhad. Sulochana instructs Amruta to discuss their marriage with Farhad. Mansi overhears it and decides that she would not allow Amruta’s wedding to go place before hers, so she leaves. Amruta informs Sulochana that she would speak with Farhad about her history before making a decision, and then she walks out of the room, requesting Sulochana not to intervene.

Raghav informs his employees that the showrooms would be closing and apologises for doing it so abruptly, but they have no other options. He also offers to assist them in finding a suitable employment. They all leave with a nod. Raghav requests that Farhad give all three showroom employees a six-month salary check. He then tells one of the employees that he has lost his job, wipes his tears, and walks out of the house.

Raghav is irritated. Pallavi informs Jaya that she wants to surprise Raghav for changing his mind, which is why she prepared to make his favourite dish. She also invites Jaya to visit the house as soon as possible. She then sets a meal and wonders where Raghav has gone. Raghav arrives inebriated and urges Pallavi to tell Rajan to cut back on the cooking because they can’t afford it. He also informs them that they must return to the village as soon as possible. Raghav is taken to his room by Farhad and Pallavi.

Farhad requests that Pallavi take action to prevent Raghav from drinking any time soon. Pallavi smiles and says she will take action. Mansi sees Farhad in the morning and warns him that Amruta constantly utilises boys and begs him to be aware of this before leaving. Pallavi empties one bottle of alcohol after another, shocking Raggav, who tells Pallavi not to touch anything and that he loves her as much as he loves these whiskeys. Then she is escorted out of the room, where she is informed that she is not permitted, and Farhad is taken inside to see the file. Pallavi claims that Raghav compared her to those bottles, and that she will make certain that the alcoholic bottles do not leave the house.