Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The show begins with Pallavi telling Raghav that she together with Nikhil will be going to Abishek’s home so that his mother will not feel lonely. Raghav says to Pallavi that he’ll accompany her. He receives a message from Farhad who requests Pallavi to request the driver to get the vehicle. Farhad tells Raghav that he’s sent money to Abhishek’s home. Raghav wants Farhad to confirm that this is happening. Farhad accepts the request, then informs him Raghav Raghav might not be worried about diamonds at the moment however if the police find a diamond, they’ll find Raghav therefore he needs to locate the diamonds at all cost.

Raghav Pallavi along with Nikhil goes to the house of Abhishek. Kalpana wants to know from Pallavi what she saw. Pallavi informs Kalpana she believes that Abhishek is a decent person and spent the majority of his days with them as well. Therefore, she doesn’t believe that Abishek could commit any wrongdoing. Kalpana presents the bag full of cash to Pallavi and informs her that someone came to her house and give the bag of money and told her that Abhishek promised him that if something happens to him, he asked to hand over the money to her. She asks Abhishek knew that he would be dead, what occurred to him. There are so many questions that do not have answers, also those who know answers isn’t there and weeps.

Nikhil is curious about Kalpana whether Abhishek ever informed him about the company is the company he’s working for. Kalpana affirms that she has not. Abhishek was acting normally, and she didn’t think the guy was doing something wrong. Then she places the fire in the her money bag and says that she doesn’t want to do to see this happening when her son isn’t here. Everyone gets shocked.

Sunny is reading about Abhishek’s meeting and recalls his encounter together with Farhad along with Raghav. Keerti arrives and demands Sunny to dress for puja since Raghav and Pallavi were also back from Abishek’s home. She also mentions that Kalapana burned the bag of money that was handed to her after Abhishek’s death . She she says that it’s strange. Sunny says to those who don’t know the entire story for that it’s a little bizarre. Keerti asks what he’s telling, but he goes away saying the time is coming to be ready for puja. While getting ready for puja Pallavi seems confused and lost in her thoughts.

Raghav arrives and asks Pallavi regarding the preparation for puja. Pallavi speaks about Kalapana and then reveals that she didn’t think Abhishek would be involved in any shady work and requests Raghav to assist her in finding the type of work and who Abhishek was involved with his influence. She also says that the reporter that if Abhishek’s death was due to a mistake made by someone else, and she wants the culprit to be penalized. Raghav is shocked, and promises to find out the person who is Abhishek’s boss.


ACP Laxmi inquires of her colleague if whether they could find anything in the call logs of his or not. The officer claims that the majority of the calls come from Abhishek’s wife and family members. Before the incident, he received the call from this particular number, however the number was purchased by an identity fraudster. Acp requests the police officer to contact Abishek’s girlfriend in order to inquire about her. Farhad says to Raghav the story he shared with him that the job he offered to the sister of Abhishek and hopes the family members be willing to accept it.

Raghav says that the Abishek family members will not take the money they provide, so this is the only option to aid their family in financial terms. Farhad informs Raghav his story that ACP Laxmi had seen the call logs, but they called him with a fake I’d , and that’s the reason the reason he’s here, or else she’d have him behind bars at this point. Farhad also informs Raghav that he’s not worried about the diamonds, but they need to locate it prior to Laxmi is found, or they’ll be in trouble. So, they send in their team to look for the diamond but they couldn’t find anything. He then asks Raghav to speak to the higher officials in order to get rid of Laxmi however Raghav informs him that they must wait until the issue isn’t prominent topic in which case he’ll be able to be able to punish Acp with certainty.


Pallavi arrives and wants to know Raghav whom he would like to be punished. Raghav is shocked, however Farhad is able to save Raghav by telling Pallavi about the fact that they’re talking about a workers who did an unjust act. Pallavi then is the one to take Raghav and tells him that the next day is puja and they need to get up early.

Pallavi offers Raghav the night-wear and informs him that the current moment is confirmation that life doesn’t have a assurance and that they must enjoy every moment while they’re in this world. She also expresses gratitude to Raghav for being a part of her life and adding the meaning for her existence. Raghav wants to know from Pallavi what she would do in the event of a situation that she’s unable to defend the truth. Pallavi informs Raghav that an instance like this be forthcoming, but she’s the certain fact that their bond is one that Raghav won’t let her fall. Pallavi also reminds Raghav of his promise to to her to never cover up anything when Ved would annoy the couple. Raghav wants to know if Pallavi whether she trusts him this in a large way. Pallavi says more than she does she is the one who trusts Raghav the most since his motives are always right.


Raghav is in the bathroom and is scolded for being a liar in front of Pallavi then decides to disclose all of his secrets to Pallavi however, Raghav’s other sides warns Raghav that Pallavi will never leave him If he does what he wants, to expose the truth. Raghav is taken out of the bathroom and gets into bed. Pallavi too goes to the bed and then falls asleep. The next day , Pallavi organizes everything necessary for puja. Jaya is also a helper for Pallavi. Officer informs Acp there’s a person who’s coming to visit her.

ACP meets with Sunny. She is applauded by Sunny and tells her she should help him to find evidence against Raghav however, if Acp wants him to provide the proof of his hatred with Raghav and she accepts his proposal. Sunny becomes angry and goes home. The police officer requests Sunny to track down the diamonds missing in order to prove Acp his hatred for Raghav. Sunny is watching.