Meet 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Meet Ahlawat contacts Kunal and inquires about his well-being. Kunal claims that his body hurts and that he will not abandon the girl, therefore he is heading to the police station to file a complaint against her. Meet Ahlawat promises that if you don’t file a complaint against her, she will pay you the money she stole from you. Kunal inquires as to why he wishes to save her. Meet Ahlawat invites him to attend to the Haldi celebration with them, but he ends the phone, thinking he is saving Meet from the cops, and I will never see her face again in my life.

Babitha’s friends wonder why the marriage is taking place and hope there will be no problems. Babitha responds, “You want a topic to gossip about, but I won’t do anything wrong.” She adds, “I’m performing my son’s marriage with a beautiful girl, so the marriage will take place according to the Bride family’s comfort, and the reception will take place according to our status.” She also adds, “I’ve already booked their honeymoon tickets to Switzerland.” Ishqi brings Babitha along and discusses their viewpoints. Babitha inquires about their plans for her Bahu’s Grihapravesh. Sunaina is asked to explain it to Ishqi.

Anubha inquires of Ram and Lakhan about Meet. Ram says she’ll be here soon, and everyone is pitching in to help us because of Meet. Anubha discovers that clothes and jewellery are gone from the hall and inquires as to what happened to them. Ram explains that we kept them in Manushi’s room as per her request because Haldi is taking on in the hall. Fine, says Anubha. Manushi prepares her belongings for an elopement with Kunal.

Sunaina and Masoom explain to Babitha how they plan to welcome her daughter-in-law with a trail. Meet arrives at Ahlwat’s location to deliver the order. Babitha becomes enraged when she sees her. Meet realises she’s visited Sasural, one of her sisters.

Manushi leaves her house with her belongings. To save Ishqi before her Duppatta catches fire, Meet kicks kalash inside. Ishqi is saved by Meet. Babitha wonders how she has the audacity to wreck everything. Meet claims to have dashed inside to save Ishqi. Babitha begs her to depart after she has completed the task at hand. After delivering Ragini Kalash, Meet departs. Ragini inquires as to why she is so dismissive of her. Babitha reminds her how she ruined her mood in prior sessions before returning to normal and asking them to show her what more they have prepared.

Manushi loads her suitcase into the trunk of her car, then calls Kunal to inform him she’s ready to elope with him. As your family gunda attacked me, Kunal says, call an ambulance. Meet ki bachi, Manushi says. Meet asks Kunal a question. Manushi manipulates him by telling him something and inviting him to meet her in the evening, assuring him that she will teach the driver’s daughter a lesson for beating him. Financers apprehend Kunal and bring him along to teach a lesson.

In both families, the Haldi ceremony begins. Meet Ahlawat, who is enjoying his Haldi with his family. Manushi puts oil on the floor on purpose. Anubha was going to apply Haldi to Manushi when she stopped and asked Meet to do so. Meet’s handprints may be found beneath his name board. Because of the oil, Meet slipped and fell on the Haldi bowl, spilling the entire bowl of Haldi on her. It’s unlucky, according to the guest.

Meet Ahlawat dials Manushi’s number, Ram joins the video conversation, and Meet Ahlawat’s family surrounds him. Raj hangs up, explaining that he won’t be able to meet the bride until they are married. Manushi claims that you ruined the rite. Meet declares that she will reorganise the furniture. Dadi is furious with Meet for ruining the ritual and scolds her severely. Anubha claims that there is still some Haldi in the bowl. Manushi denies having the haldi that was left over. It’s an old practise, according to Meet Ahlawat. Raj thinks it’s a fantastic idea if they follow it.

Meet Ahlawat accepts and informs his father that the bride will be waiting for him in the mandap. Meet collapses in front of her automobile, recalling her Dadi and Meet Ahlawat’s remarks. Manushi gets into her car and tells her mother she’s heading to the parlour, where she drops a chit beside Maata’s idol. Manushi contacts Kunal in the car and asks where she needs to meet him. She then notices that the driver is driving her in the incorrect direction and inquires as to where he is taking her.

Meet is the driver who comes to a halt and turns around, revealing that she has seen packed luggage of Manushi jewellery and gowns in the Dickey of the vehicle, and she queries her sister as to why she is jeopardising their family’s respect.