Meet 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Meet appears in front of Manushi dressed as she is in the beginning of the episode. Manushi smiles and inquires as to why she is dressed the way she is. Meet speaks in a similar manner to her, and she claps on the light. Manushi advises to leave it because you can’t become Manushi by wearing my garments.

Meet tells Manushi that it’s not her true performance because she’s doing it to get her smile, then she makes her don the crown and bride-to-be badge before dancing with Anubha and Dadi. They love their dance and are joined by Manushi’s buddies, Ram, and Lakhan. When Dadi sees Manushi, he gets emotional.

Meet requests that Ram and Lakhan go get the water. Manushi is told by Dadi that they will miss her. Manushi adds that she will miss them as well. Anubha, too, has an emotional outburst. Meet hugs Manushi and says, “Let’s live these times.”

Meet has completed her tasks, according to Anubha, therefore give her the title of Manushi sister because the Groom family and everyone must be aware of her. Manushi also asks her to approve Meet ti’s marriage.

Dadi says he doesn’t want any terrible omen to fall on Manushi until she marries, and that we’ll tell the groom’s family once Manushi has gained Ahlawat’s confidence. Manushi hugs her and thinks she doesn’t mind because she’s planning to marry Kunal. Meet warns Anubha that Dhodu Ram will be surprised to learn that I am his saali. Anubha smacks her across the face for calling him Dhodu ram.

Kunal hides in a dumpster to avoid creditors who lent him money, and he believes that his issues would be solved once he marries Manushi. Meet declines the tea seller’s offer of tea, stating that she will drink it after returning the money.

Kunal notices the money with her and decides to steal it in order to let him elope with Manushi. He enlists the help of a child and steals the money from Meet, but she catches him and punches him on the road for disturbing her sister and stealing money from her. Kunal inquires if she is Manushi’s sister. Meet claims that I am her brother and sister, and that you should keep away from her because I am providing you with an opportunity.

Meet Ahlawat arrives in a car and greets Meet, with whom she has an interesting conversation and extends her hand in friendship. Meet Ahlawat says, “I can’t touch you,” implying that friendship is impossible. Kunal asks Meet Ahlawat why she is beating him, and Kunal informs Meet that Meet is a thug who stole money from him by using the kids.

Meet Ahlawat says I was completely incorrect about you since you’re a terrible and rowdy girl who only wants money, and I’m not sure if your storey about your father is true or not, and even if it is, your father may feel embarrassed seeing you. Stop it, says Meet, since you’ve already said a lot and you’re blaming me for what I did.

Meet Ahlawat says you’re taking money from decent people and that you might try to form a friendship with me in order to loot me, but I’m delighted your reality hit me, because I won’t trust you and will never want to see your face again. Meet tries to tell him, but Meet Ahlawat walks away with his money, saying he doesn’t want a girl like her in his new life.

She had a nervous breakdown in front of her father’s memorial wall, telling him that he can’t blame her and that she misses him and that she doesn’t want Manushi to have issues because of her. Meet is called by the boss and told that she is the only one who can deliver Chandan from Haridwar to Chandigarh on time. Meet Ahlawat returns home and recalls how he broke up with his pal.