Meet 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The show begins with Meet Ahlawat arrives at Manushi’s residence to examine Manushi’s hand to see whether his name is available, and he knocks on the door. Meet attempts to open the door, but Dadi stops her and instructs Anubha to do so. When Anubha sees Meet Ahlawat, she locks the door in his face and informs them that their son-in-law has arrived.

Meet tries to avoid meeting him. Anubha inquires as to why he entered from the right. Meet Ahlawat says, “This ring dropped into my pocket, and I’d like to speak with Manushi about it.” Meet suspects something is awry, so she walks upstairs and wakes up Manushi, explaining that she has come to return the ring, but she has a bad feeling about it. Manushi claims that he may come to see me for that purpose. Anubha assures him she’ll bring Manushi, then goes to Manushi’s room and scolds her for not notifying them about her missing ring before escorting her to the basement.

Manushi claims he arrived in the middle of the night because he was shy. Meet explains, “I thought you would be worried about it, so I came to return it, but it dropped from your hand because I designed it for your size.” Manushi speculates that it could be a manufacturing flaw. Meet adds, “Don’t worry, I’ve got another opportunity to make you wear it,” and then he makes her put it on, noticing his name in her hand. It’s then revealed how Meet drew his name on Manushi’s hand.

Manushi inquires as to why he is seeing in this manner. Meet Ahlawat apologises for not believing in her. Meet thanks Anubha. Meet Ahlawat then takes images of Manushi with his ring and his name on them.

Masoom still wants to see Meet Ahlawat’s video after he shows her those photos. As I witnessed the truth, Meet says enough, so don’t make me believe your words. Masoom, Babitha thinks you’re perplexed. Meet inquires as to why you see everything in a bad light; don’t you care about my happiness?

Masoom claims that I care about you, which is why I’m possessive of you, so please forgive me. Babitha begs Meet to forgive Masoom by putting an end to the situation. Raj says Masoom must stop it, and I’m warning everyone not to say anything bad about Manushi’s family, and I told Anubha ji that we’ll attend the wedding with our close friends and then arrange a reception for our friends, and he tells Masoom to stay away from the wedding if she has a problem with Manushi’s status.

Meet tells Devi maa that she is sorry for lying to Meet and his family, but she can’t comprehend everyone’s anguish, which is why she lied, so please forgive me for my sister’s sins and bless our family.

Meet notices her mother gathering items for Masoom to take to her Sasural the next day. Meet says it’s fine if she substitutes money for these items. Dadi claims it’s a ritual, but you won’t get it.

Anubha tells Meet not to be offended by Dadi’s words because everything is occurring because of him, and to tell me how well you studied Son in Law. Meet responds, “I’ve met him a couple of times before,” and she informs her about their previous encounters. According to Anubha, god tied your rishta with him before it even existed. Meet asserts that she must repay Dhodu ram ki funds.

Anubha requests that she phone him. Jiju then informs them that today is paiyya ki pooja, and Manushi is tasked with performing Pooja on Meet’s bike. Manushi says that if I travel this way, I might get tanned; have you planned anything for me? Meet arranges for Manushi to have a car until she marries. Manushi is overjoyed and decides to elope in the same car as Kunal, so she goes for a ride.

Manushi’s mother prepares a surprise Hen party for her with her pals. Dadi wonders how Meet can participate when she looks like a boy. Meet claims that she will surprise everyone at the party by rocking it.

If she is a caterer, Ram and Lakhan refund the money to her. Meet contacts Meet and asks him to meet her at a tea shop to collect his money. Manushi arrives at home and cries for everyone to witness the darkness, at which point Meet appears in her clothing in front of her.