Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Shubhra chastises Rishi for misbehaving with Madhura in the first episode. She locks him in the room, and he becomes enraged, claiming that Madhura was speaking poorly of Kuldeep. While Shubhra speaks with her mother, he locks himself inside. She wonders why Madhura keeps blaming Kuldeep in front of the kids and claims that it has a negative impact on them. Madhura claims Shubhra is just concerned about her husband’s safety and is unconcerned about her father’s death. Shubhra tries to persuade Madhura, but she claims that Samaira murdered Sadashiv because of Kuldeep, and that if they are not balmed, Sadashiv will die of a heart attack while performing Rishi’s dance video.

Shubhra is taken aback when she sees Madhura blaming Rishi and begs her not to. Madhura asserts that she is to blame for her father’s death, but she rejects it. Shubhra asks Madhura to stop accusing her and assist her in gathering proofs, but Madhura denies and departs.

Kuldeep is served by Shubhra, who requests that he complete his breakfast. He inquires about Phirki, asking if she cleaned their Mumbai home. Samaira smiles and responds affirmatively. She claims that if he is attempting to investigate Phirki in relation to Sadashiv’s killing, he is mistaken because they are not implicated.

Kuldeep inquires as to how she obtained the photograph of Sadashiv, to which she responds that it was maybe forwarded to her. She tells him that she can do anything for him and asks him to keep it in mind. She becomes friendly with him and makes fun of his family. He is enraged, but he manages his rage. She says they will live together in Mumbai and that he will be allowed to see his family once a month.

Sadashiv’s lawyer pays a visit to Shubhra and Madhura to inform them about the will. Sadashiv has divided his will into three parts for Madhura, Shubhra, and her children, he says. He claims that Rishi and Roli would receive their money when they reach the age of 18. He further mentions that Sadashiv named his business after Shubhra. Madhura signs the paperwork while he expresses his condolences for Sadashiv’s death, and then he departs.

The office crew arrives ahead of Shubhra and Madhura. They express their condolences for Sadashiv’s passing. They claim that he used to lavish praise on Shubhra and that they are eager for her to join the company. Rishi and Roli are fed by her. While doing so, they inform Shubhra about their business. Madhura smiles as she adores Shubhra.

Kuldeep arrives and compliments Shubhra. He expresses his complete trust in her and encourages her to handle Sadashiv’s affairs. She expresses her anxiety and requests his assistance. Madhura becomes enraged when she says she can’t do it without him, and she refuses to give Kuldeep their company. Meanwhile, Rishi and Roli overhear their chat, which causes Rishi to get concerned.

Shubhra also attempts to pacify Madhura. However, the latter continues to criticise Kuldeep and declares that if Shubhra allows Kuldeep into their business, she would void the will. Madhura is stopped by Shubhra, who asks the office personnel to leave. She chastises Madhura for causing a ruckus in front of the workers and threatens to mock their reputation. She asks Madhura to remain silent until someone is found guilty. She also chastises her for blaming Kuldeep without providing any evidence.