Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Shubhra asks Inspector for assistance, but he becomes upset and tells her to obtain proofs against Samaira on her own. She demands that he show that her father died of natural causes.

She wants him to establish that Sadashiv died of a heart attack and that Samaira had nothing to do with it. Inspector agrees to assist Shubhra and promises to look into the servants’ situation.

Madhura notices Rishi is lost and forces him to sit at the dining table. While she tries to feed him, he recalls Sadashiv. He inquires as to why Samaira murdered him. Madhura holds Kuldeep responsible for this. Rishi becomes agitated, while Madhura claims that Kuldeep is the one who introduced them to Samaira.

Rishi claims that his father has already apologised and accepted responsibility for his error. He wonders why Madhura continues to make fun of his father. He declares that Kuldeep has changed and begs Madhura’s forgiveness. He storms off, enraged, as she pines for Sadashiv.

Shubhra pays a visit to Harsh and tells him about her concern. She expresses her helplessness, while he supports her and advises her to remain strong. He assures her that she will receive good news soon and advises her to prepare for the challenges ahead.

She expresses her gratitude to him for instilling hope in her and claims that he is her best friend who never fails to motivate her. Harsh expresses his affections for her and states that his heart couldn’t stop loving her after she goes. He mutters that he wishes he could live with her, but that is not an option.

Samaira becomes bored while watching Kuldeep work and asks him for some entertainment. He claims that without Shubhra, everything is dull for him. They tease each other until they decide to play a game of truth or dare. Shubhra arrives at that point and mocks Samaira for lying.

Shubhra is playing the game with Kuldeep and Samaira. She inquires of Samaira as to why she is following Kuldeep and her. She inquires as to why Samaira was unable to allow them to be together in peace. Samaira accuses Kuldeep of loving her and then abandoning her for Shubhra. She says that she will not allow him to abandon her.

Shubhra insults Samaira ahead of time, saying she’ll be in jail soon. Samaira becomes enraged and hurls a champagne bottle at Shubhra. Kuldeep is alarmed and rushes to Shubhra’s aid. Samaira smirks, claiming that she can easily injure both of them and threatening to kill yet another person.

Rishi exercises and drinks milk. Roli is perplexed by his presence and inquires, “What is he doing?” To which he responds that he is bulking up so that everyone is afraid of him and won’t dare to fight. Madhura arrives at that point and overhears his chat. When he says he wants to be like his father, mother becomes enraged and reminds him of how Kuldeep ruined their lives.

Rishi tells Madhura that his father has already apologised and becomes enraged. He shoves her and walks away, while Roli expresses worry for Madhura and promises to inform Shubhra about Rishi’s misbehaviour.