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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Shubhra asks Madhura to stay with them at the opening of the episode. Madhura, on the other hand, invites her to accompany her. Shubhra goes silent, and Madhura says she knows Shubhra won’t leave her husband. She becomes enraged and decides to file a complaint against Samaira.

Shubhra, along with Kuldeep, follows her mother. They report the incident to the inspector, who blames Samaira for Sadashiv’s death. Inspector displays Samaira’s complaint, in which she claims Shubhra is attempting to trap her in a bogus case. When Kuldeep sees it, he is taken aback and denies all of the charges.

Madhura sobs and begs Inspector to believe in them. He requests that they inform him of the situation and file a civil suit. He informs Kuldeep that he would keep bouncing between Shubhra and Samaira because they can’t prove Samaira wrong. Madhura departs from there at that moment.

Madhura holds Kuldeep responsible for everything and requests that he leave them alone. She pushes him to return to Samaira and reminds him of his errors. Chandrani tries to make her feel better by telling her that everyone makes mistakes. She begs Madhura to forgive Kuldeep, explaining that he, too, has lost his father.

Madhura denies everything and expresses her intention to leave the house. Shubhra tries to stop her, but she becomes enraged and declares that she cannot live with Kuldeep. She claims that nothing would have occurred if he hadn’t cheated Shubhra. Chandrani tries to stop her as well, but she pushes her away and walks away.

Shubhra is crying in another room, and Chandrani is comforting her. Kuldeep consoles her as well. Harsh is later informed about the situation. She holds Samaira responsible for the breakdown of her mother’s relationship. Kuldeep, on the other hand, promises her that Samaira would be held responsible for everything. He says that he will seek vengeance against her.

Kuldeep is remorseful and begins to blame himself for Sadashiv’s death. Shubhra and Harsh intervene and warn him from falling into Samaira’s trap. They make the decision to find evidence against Samaira. Harsh, on the other hand, believes that there are two possibilities: Samaira killed Sadashiv or is profiting from his death. Kuldeep reminds them of the photograph she showed him, claiming that she must have a copy on her laptop. He dismisses her as insane, while Harsh insists that they speak with Madhura to learn what transpired inside their home prior to Sadashiv’s death.

Madhura is about to meet Rishi and Roli. She said her goodbyes to everyone and was about to walk away when Shubhra intervened. She reassures Madhura, while Kuldeep assures her that Samaira will be held accountable for her actions. He expresses regret to Madhura and asks for a second opportunity. Shubhra insists on hearing every detail of what transpired, and she recalls the two maids who arrived in Vitthal’s absence.

Madhura explains how Sadashiv obtained Vitthal’s letter and appointed the maids. Kuldeep inquires if they have any proof of identification for those servants. Madhura, on the other hand, denies this. He enters her home and requests the file from Vitthal. He looked but couldn’t locate anything on those maids. Vitthal, on the other hand, becomes suspicious of the person who has phoned him and informs Kuldeep.


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