Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Shubhra returns late at night to her home in the first episode. Madhura confronts her and inquires about her lateness. She expresses her concern for Shubhra, while the latter tries to avoid her. Madhura becomes suspicious of Shubhra and claims that she is meeting Kuldeep again and lying to her. Shubhra tries to explain things to her while she scolds her. Madhura screams at Shubhra and retreats to her room. Meanwhile, Shubhra weeps as she recalls her issues and shares them with Sadashiv’s portrait. She asks for his assistance since she is tired of the pandemonium.

Chandrani screams at Samaira for making up false accusations against them. She scolds her and becomes enraged. She also chastises Kuldeep for not standing up to Samaira. Samaira, on the other hand, mocks Chandrani and tells her to calm down. She threatens her with sending them to jail in a fictitious case. She teases Kuldeep and irritates him, but he remains silent. Chandrani, on the other hand, gives them a cold stare.

Shubhra has a conversation with Rishi and informs him that he would be joining Sadashiv’s company. He wishes her well and vows that he will accompany her on the first day to support her. Before leaving with Rishi, she grins at his maturity and leaves a letter for Roli.

Chandrani, on the other hand, packs her belongings and decides to leave Samaira’s home. She clasps her hands in front of Samaira and vows that she does not wish to become engaged in their situation and that she will depart from there. Kuldeep makes an attempt to stop her, but she scolds him and walks away. Samaira grins and walks inside, as Chandrani tells Kuldeep about her plan. She declares that she will investigate Samaira’s flaws and look for Phirki. Kuldeep encourages her to look after herself, while she warns him about Samaira.

Sadashiv’s cabin is entered by Rishi and Shubhra. Rishi investigates while she does a Puja. He forces her to sit on Sadashiv’s chair and takes her picture. He motivates her and helps her feel at ease.

Shubhra is informed by a member of staff that Vishwas Patil want to meet her. He informs Vishwas that he is Sadashiv’s business partner and advises her to be cautious when conversing with him. She becomes jittery and tries to mentally prepare herself.

Vishwas Patil enters the cabin without notice and takes a seat in front of Shubhra. He advises her that the business is difficult to manage and asks her to pass it over to him. She politely declines his offer, stating that she is capable of handling it. He smirks and reminds her of her issues at home.

To get rid of her, he asks her to provide money to Samaira. She is irritated, yet she is in control of her emotions. She gives him a friendly grin and dismisses his proposals. She herself gives him counsel and insults him, causing him to become enraged. He threatens her and declares that he will avenge her. She smiles and says she can’t wait to see him again.

Furthermore, Vishwas departs from there, but Shubhra is praised by the personnel. He compliments her and says Sadashiv would be proud of her accomplishments. Rishi also grins kindly at her as he walks away. She sees glimpses of her father and recalls his words of wisdom. She declares that she will always follow in his footsteps. She takes out a snapshot of her family and places it on the table.