Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Prithvi telling Rakhi that he considers himself to be like her kid and that he assists her in her work. Pihu accepts Mahesh’s invitation to join him for supper. Kareena inquires of Karan and Rishabh as to where they are headed at this point in time. Karan responds by stating that they must attend a business meeting. Sameer informs them that their client is likely to be waiting for them when they arrive. Preeta is instructed by Karan to wait for him until he returns. He communicates with Mahesh on commercial matters. Rishabh questions him as to why he is creating tension between Mahesh and himself since he is capable of dealing with the situation. Sherlyn takes a close look at Prithvi. Sameer tells Mahesh not to be concerned because they would apprehend the traitor shortly. Rishabh tells Mahesh that he would take care of the situation.

Preeta proposes that they look into who was working in the office at the time the problems began and that they look into the employee’s previous work history. Kareena sarcastically informs her that they are discussing business and that they will solve the situation. Rishabh expresses his appreciation for Preeta’s suggestion and expresses his gratitude to her. Karan informs them that Preeta has become intelligent as a result of her association with him. Sameer informs him that Preeta was always intelligent. Rishabh, Karan, and Sameer are on their way to a meeting. Preeta notices that Prithvi and Sherlyn are locked in a gaze at each other.


After some time has passed, Preeta requests that Pihu drink milk before going to bed, but the latter refuses. Pihu informs her that she wishes to spend the night in the toy room. Preeta tells her that she would sleep with her in the play room, but that she should drink milk first, and then she is taken to the toy room by the other. The meeting is concluded by the Luthra boys. Luthra’s agrees to eat supper with the client after he offers it to the restaurant. In his conversation with Karan, Rishabh informs him that he would be informing Sherlyn that he will be late today. Karan informs him that he should also alert Preeta about the situation.


On the other hand, Prithvi believes that Rishabh is suspicious of him, and as a result, he requires Kritika’s assistance when Rishabh fights against him. When he learns that Kritika is suffering from a headache, he immediately administers medication to her. Preeta notices this and concludes that because Prithvi and Kritika appear to be happy together, she should refrain from thinking about Sherlyn and Prithvi.


Sherlyn chooses to ignore Rishabh’s phone call. Karan informs Rishabh that he has finally obtained network access. Rishabh informs him that Sherlyn would not be picking up the phone. Karan compliments him on his ability to be a wonderful husband. The call from Sherlyn to Prithvi informs him that she will be waiting for him. He walks into the room and embraces her. He tells her that his life was going smoothly while Rishabh was not present in the room with him. He tells her that he isn’t even able to spend time with her because of work obligations. She recognises that he is envious and smiles and kisses him as a result.


Preeta receives a phone call from Karan, who informs her that Rishabh is in love with Sherlyn. Preeta is shocked when Rishabh assures her that it isn’t like that. Then he wants her to notify Sherlyn that he would be late to the house. Preeta enters Sherlyn’s room and overhears Sherlyn and Prithvi’s amorous chat, which she finds surprising given their age difference. She lashes out at them with her fists. She confronts them with the question of how they can behave in such a manner when they are married to someone else. She suggests to Prithvi that he give sleeping drugs to Kritika in order for him to be able to accomplish all of this with Sherlyn.