Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Sarla clarifies that she has made the decision. Preeta would then pack her bags and return with her. Preeta questions Sarla. Sarla claims she is her mother, and has therefore taken the decision for her. She asks Preeta once more to get out her bags, and she says she will say whatever she likes.

Kritika arrives to ask what happened. Prithvi explains that Sarla knows everything about Lonavla and Sonakshi’s relationship so she has gone to their home and is with Preeta in their room. Kritika is worried and asks Karan to talk to her as he knows Sarla. She will then try to convince Preeta that if anything happens, Sherlin tries explaining that she doesn’t feel they should disturb Sarla.

Sarla requests Preeta to pack her bag and return with her. Sarla then asks Preeta why she doesn’t want to go back with Karan. Karan was always there to protect her when she was in trouble. But now that Karan is in trouble she should be there with him because everything that happened is in his past.

Sherlin believes that Sarla will soon blast with anger and take Preeta along. Prithvi feels the same, saying that Sarla, who has already arrived, would take Preeta back as Karan has wronged them both.

Preeta says that she was worried that their past might ruin their present. Sarla assures her that nothing will happen because the past has an age. She also explains that Karan loves her and that they have to trust each others. Preeta is surprised to see Karan enter the room. Sarla asks Preeta if Preeta has disturbed Karan. Karan replies that she didn’t say anything that could cause him concern.

Sarla explains that Preeta has two parents. She is happy to be with them and hugs them all. Sarla then asks Sarla why she is crying. Dadi explains that Rakhi was concerned and would anger Rakhi if she heard about it. Sarla says that Preeta is in her house and that she doesn’t want to take her away. Karina exclaims that Sarla is very happy for Sarla, but that Sarla does not have the courage to do this to Kritika.

Prithvi begins to imagine that he is asking Karina for forgiveness. He then starts to cough so Karina asks him who told her. Sherlin immediately said that she was the one who told her because Preeta was quiet and she assumed that she could take care of the situation. Karina also questions Karina about who she is to be between a mother-daughter relationship, Preeta trying to resolve the relations between Karan and Sanjana.

Kritika claims she was trying to argue Nani. Sherlin then apologizes to Kritika and she goes to sit down with Sarla. Sarla states that Kritika is a great daughter so she doesn’t need to learn anything, but she does feel that Preeta would be able to teach her everything. Rakhi and Sarla hold hands. She mentions that she only prays for the two children to live together after they have solved all their problems.

Prithvi is present in the room. He exclaims in anger that it was all fine when Preeta closed the door to face Karan. However, in the morning, everything went according to plan. Sherlin enters the room and explains that she thought they would throw Preeta outside the house. However, the whole Luthra family began to scold her. Prithvi believes that he believed she would take care of him, but she is crying for her own needs.

Sherlin asks why they all support Preeta. Prithvi explains that they are more concerned about Preeta’s child than the one in her stomach. They are also worried about their future generations. Sherlin begins to cry, thinking that if Preeta was pregnant then everyone would be concerned about her. Prithvi then exclaims that he loves Preeta and that he doesn’t mind if they leave. Sherlin replies that he can’t leave the office because he has a lot to do, but Prithvi then asks the person to cancel the meeting and book a table at the coffee shop. Prithvi is mad and hugs Sherlin.