Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Shristhi asks Sarla to open her door. Sarla prays for Mata Rani, asking her why she did this to Preeta. Preeta has proven to pass every test and she should keep that one relationship. Sarla continues to cry.

Preeta is in her bedroom, lying down. She picks up the phone to check for something. Karan enters his room thinking about how he tried stopping Preeta. But she didn’t listen and went into the room. Preeta sat up on the bed. Karan, in anger, hit the stand so injuring Karan’s hand. However, he is only worried for Preeta and so he sits down on the bed.

Karan covers his eyes as he believes Preeta is coming to him. He holds her hand and starts crying. But he opens his eyes and realizes it was a dream. Preeta then lies down again when Karan calls. She is now sitting up and weeping. Karan comes back to her bedroom and opens the door. She is stunned, and he turns around to ask her what she is doing. Karan says he thought Preeta was mad at him. Preeta then tells him that if it had happened while they were still together, she would have been angry and justified being angry. Preeta says that even though she is angry about the incident, she doesn’t understand why she went to that room. Karan explains that he now knows the truth about Sonakshi’s relationship and might feel some feelings for her. Karan also assures Preeta that she is the only woman in his life. Preeta says he means the most to her because he is her whole life. She explains that everyone thinks she’s a great woman, but Karan mentions that he feels that she is very lucky to have him as his wife. He would never forget what happened today.

Preeta and Karan are asleep together in the morning. She places her hand on his chest and she wakes up. Karan looks at her and then smiles, holding him close. Karan says that he is worried about everyone. Preeta then kisses Karan in the forehead so she can get comfortable.

Rakhi is asked by Dadi what has happened. She says she felt something was wrong after the events at Sonakshi’s wedding. Rakhi and Karina ask her what she means. Rakhi says that Preeta was a smart girl and would never do any wrong.

Sherlin, who is standing in the corner, thinks Sarla would be mad if Sarla came again, but she is now desperately waiting for her. Prithvi, coming to ask why Sherlin is smiling, replies that she told Sarla the whole incident and is now waiting for her. Prithvi then greets all the family.

Dadi asks Sherlin how she is doing. She asks Dadi why. Dadi says that every day Preeta comes downstairs first, but today Sherlin did. Sherlin, however, takes the question as a joke.

Preeta arrives at them all and serves them tea. Prityvi thinks Preeta is really depressed and may be planning a split. Dadi and Rakhi then take their tea. Shelrin wonders why Sarla has not returned to the room. Sherlin questions Preeta about her health and Preeta replies that she is fine.

Karan also descends from the stairs. Preeta gives him the tea and they both smile. Prithvi believes he doesn’t understand what is going on as he thought they would be fighting. The doorbell rings when Sherlin smiles. Ganesh opens it and Sarla is standing there.

Preeta is thrilled to see her mother, Karan takes her blessings and Rakhi invites her for tea. Sarla responds that she wants to first talk to Preeta, as she knows the history between them both, but she would prefer to first talk to Preeta, then she will talk to Karan.

Janki questions Shristhi if she doesn’t think they should both go to the Luthra home. Shristhi replies she wouldn’t do anything against her will over the next three to four days. Janki responds that she was concerned Sarla might say something that would create a lot of problems. Shristhi says Maa is like the lioness, but she is very clever and would not do any wrong.

Sarla questions Preeta about why she didn’t tell the truth. Preeta says she did not want to hide the truth. Sarla then asks Shristhi what happened. Preeta replies that she wanted to tell Shristhi, but she was unable to make a decision. Sarla states that she used to say Preeta should decide for herself, but she now has the final say and Preeta will pack her belongings and return with her.