Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Karan calls Preeta. His phone rings and she leaves the room. He follows her calling his name, but he doesn’t respond. Sherlin, standing in the corner, is very happy.

Sarla declares she is coming, so she opens the door. Shristhi enters the house and is very tensed. Sarla asks why Shristhi has such a long face since they went to the wedding.

Karan follows Preeta but she won’t listen. Prithvi, while walking, sees them and thinks he prayed for the storm to arrive. This means that Preeta ji has left karan. After which, his romantic love story with Preeta je will begin.

Karan follows Preeta but she doesn’t listen. Karan enters the guest bedroom and exclaims he wants a conversation with her, but Preeta says she doesn’t want to.

Sarla wants to know if everything is okay. Shristhi and Janki don’t respond, then Sarla questions again, asking what happened. Preeta told her that she was fine, but that she felt something was wrong when she woke up. The door was open, and the Akhund Jhot wasn’t lit. Shristhi recalls that Preeta had said she couldn’t tell Sarla anything. Janki was even asked to lie, because Sarla wouldn’t believe the truth.

Shristhi declares everything is fine. Sarla threatens her to slap her and says that Shristhi is lying. Janki then claims that Shristhi has just entered her house and started scolding Janki. Shristhi said it was because she had not told her. Sarla believes that Shristhi gets mad and so Janki and Shristhi leave their rooms.

Sherlin is sitting in her bedroom thinking it is amazing to see Karan & Preeta fighting, they are now moving apart from each other. She wonders how this will happen and vows to make it happen. She plans to call Sarla to tell her that Karan has deceived her daughter. She would then come to the Luthra home to fight, as she is always willing to stand up for her daughter. This would create problems between the families.

Preeta is in her bedroom and thinks how Sonakshi said that she was the mother of Karan. Karan is also thinking about Preeta. Sonakshi picks up the phone and calls Karan. He says that he has ruined his life, and that he should not call him anymore. Sonakshi is crying and saying that she truly regrets what she did to his life.

Dadi asks Karina in her bedroom why she is so worried. Karina says she is worried because Preeta is still pregnant. She also feels anxious because Sarla is angry at her. Sherlin tells Sarla that Sonakshi is Karan’s mother, and Sarla calls Shristhi in anger.

Shristhi asks Sarla about Sonakshi’s wedding. Sarla tells Shristhi that nothing was wrong. Sherlin has already told her the truth, but she doesn’t want to believe her. Sarla exclaims that if it is the truth, then why are they in their home as they should with Preeta.

Sarla calls Preeta, but she doesn’t answer. She is thinking back to the moment Sonakshi accepted Karan as her father. Shristhi goes into her room and asks her to open her door. Shristhi and Janki both get mad at her for not telling Sarla, but now she won’t open the door.