Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Sonakshi says she believed she would let her past be in the past, and not force it into her present. Her father then arranged her wedding and she decided to invite all her friends. She knows that Karan has never seen a liar in her life so Rajat apologizes for her mistake and assures her that she is not a liar.

Rajat declares that he has had enough and that he is glad he wasn’t married to this girl. Chacha jee adds that they are glad Rajat didn’t marry Sonakshi. Archala jee says she will advise Preeta not to believe in others, but not to the point that it causes her problems. She leaves claiming that it is only advice.

Harshvardhan exclaims that he asked Sonakshi for the father’s name, but she wouldn’t listen. If he had known Karan was the father of their child, he would have arranged for them to get married. As he walks up the stairs, Karan notices Preeta is very anxious. He approaches her and tries to reason with her. She shuns him, saying they should head for Mumbai. Shristhi orders Preeta to pack the bags into the car, and Preeta exits the hall.

Sarla awakens in her bedroom and says Preeta’s name. She is very anxious wondering what happened so she goes outside. Sarla is shocked to find that the Diya inside the Mandir is not lit so she tries to light it. However, Sarla realizes that there might be something wrong with Preeta.

Ganesh welcomes Karan and all the guests at the door. He exclaims that he prepared delicious food, while Preeta rushes to her room. Karan is visibly nervous so he follows her. Rakhi tells Dadi that she doesn’t understand how Preeta would handle this as she is pregnant. Karina then advises Rakhi not to go to talk to Preeta. Dadi says it’s a matter between husbands and wives so they should sort it out by themselves. Kritika agrees with Dadi, explaining that they were all happy about the news, but are now really sad and she fears for their family.

Prithvi asks if they believe Karna would hide the truth from them. They all get tensed when Prithvi reveals that he is only taking the side his brother-in law because Karan is their family.

Sameer asks Ganesh for water, and he says they should all be concerned for Preeta as she is pregnant. Rakhi tells him that she is angry at Sonakshi and wants her to slap her. What was the point of going to their wedding? After all the events in her past, and what was the need for her to enter their lives.

Preeta comes into the room. Karan follows her. He is left standing there, not knowing what to do. Preeta, not being able to control her emotions, sits down on the bench and wonders what has happened.

Rakhi is advised by Dadi that she doesn’t need to be broken and should be strong. Rakhi mentions that she knows that Sonakshi was wrong in her wedding and that it can affect the relationship of Karan with Preeta. She also mentions that they were happy when Preeta declared she was pregnant, but that Sonakshi’s past might cause problems in Karan’s and Preeta’s lives.

Rakhi is reassured by Karina that everything will be fine. Rakhi questions Karina’s explanations and she says it because she is sure she is trying to keep her calm.

Karina asks Dadi to accompany her to rest. Kritika asks Prithvi to also come, but he says he won’t because he would disrupt her sleep. Kritika accepts to go, Sherlin is happy.

Prithvi, while walking down the hall, thinks it is night. People tend to sleep at night. But now, he needs only one thing, and that is to end Karan’s relationship with Preeta. He is just waiting for the day when the storm will destroy their lives.

Preeta is in the bathroom when Karan arrives. She picks up her blanket and asks where she is going. Preeta then gets a call from Sarla asking if she is okay. Although she realizes it is late, she feels worried. She calls her when she feels anxious and she says she’s worried about Shristhi.

Sarla questions Preeta why she’s not speaking up. Preeta answers that it’s because she is tired. Sarla suggests she rest because she may have become tired at the function. Preeta also says that Shristhi aunti and Janki aunti have just arrived, so she should open her door. Sarla ends the call by advising Preeta that she take care of herself before she opens the door.