Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kritika begins the episode by asking Prithvi what he is doing by himself. He informs her that he is considering his business. She teases him and then walks away. When Sherlyn sees that, she gets irritated. She watches Rishabh chatting to someone and notices how much he has changed, as well as the fact that he appears to be concealing something. She approaches him to listen in.

Prithvi notices Rishabh and assumes that Sherlyn is now Rishabh’s wife as a result of him. Sonakshi and Rishabh, he believes, will look nice together. He becomes envious when he finds Sherlyn staring at Rishabh. Sherlyn follows Rishabh as he departs from there. She was taken aback when Rishabh told someone on phone, “I adore you.” Prithvi is aware of this as well.

Mahesh informs the Goons that they were not invited and that they should go. The boss requests that he listen to his music once. Mahesh informs him that he is no longer interested. Robin begs him not to break the commitment. Rakhi arrives and informs Mahesh that he must pay them. Mahesh requests that the Goons play love music. The screams of the goons anger Mahesh and Rakhi. Rakhi motions for them to come to a halt, thanks them mockingly, and then walks away. Mahesh instructs them to collect payment from him later and departs. The Boss instructs his Goons to locate their narcotics crates.

Prithvi inquires as to why Sherlyn was staring at Rishabh. Rishabh’s extramarital affair is revealed to her. He inquires as to what she is saying, and since Rishabh is a naive individual, the latter must have misread Rishabh. She claims that she overheard Rishabh conversing with his girlfriend. He informs her that if she’s right about Rishabh’s extramarital affair, she must be right. Their chat is overheard by Kareena and Rakhi. Sherlyn inquires of Prithvi as to how Rishabh is able to accomplish this with her. She kicks him and then walks away.

Meanwhile, Preeta inquires about Pihu’s activities in the kitchen. Pihu inquires about the latter’s well-being. Preeta assures her that she is alright, but that she is very busy and that she will see her tomorrow. She leaves with boxes from there. Pihu makes an attempt to steal her doll. Goons arrive and inquire about the crates. She requests that they hand over her doll to her. They present her with the doll. She informs them that her family has taken the things to the guest room and will be leaving shortly. Boss and Robin make the decision to locate the guest room.

Rishabh’s extramarital affair is discussed by Kareena and Rakhi. Rakhi attempts to speak with Rishabh, but he retreats to his room. They pursue him and interrogate him. He inquires as to their whereabouts. Rakhi informs him that they have learned of his extramarital affair. Hearing them astounds him. Kareena informs him that she never expected him to do such a thing. Srishti overhears their chat and immediately departs.

Rishabh informs them that he told the 5-year-old infant, “I love you.” They are instructed to phone Sherlyn and tell her that they adore her. Srishti notifies Sameer of Rishabh’s extramarital affair. When Karan learns this, he tells them he is pleased with the news and departs. For Sherlyn, Srishti battles Sameer. Rishabh dials Sherlyn’s number and invites her to their room.