Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Preeta encourages Sonakshi, to stand up for truth, her family and her self-respect so that no one will ever accuse any girl wrongfully. It’s not just about the girl when a girl’s character gets questioned. It’s also about her upbringing and her parents. She cannot allow that to happen. She must fight back. Sonakshi is her friend.

Rajat hears Sonakshi say that he used a love for her and couldn’t live without her. He wanted to marry her. What did he do in mandap today? He called off the marriage at the last minute. He asked questions about her character. He was married to her, but she hadn’t granted him the right to question her character before everyone. She said that she would not marry him but that she would end the alliance. Chacha ji then informs her that her intentions were not good and it was him who was digging into her past. Chacha ji then asks them if they would allow marriage to happen like that. Imagine if the truth was revealed after the marriage. Karan interrupts, telling Chacha Ji that he has had enough. He asks them to get out of his way. Rajat is shocked to learn that he isn’t like what he believed. He believed he was the perfect man for Sonakshi, and that he would make her happy. But no. He apologizes to Sonakshi but is glad her marriage with Rajat didn’t go through. He tells her not to be sorry. Chacha ji is also told by her that it appears like he doesn’t have a child, which made it easy for him to make the accusation against her. After accusing her, they will go. However, some people will believe that she was wrong and why the groom divorced her during marriage. She tells Chacha Ji to prove his claims. Chacha ji is told by Rajat that he must prove it now. He will marry Chacha ji if he cannot prove his innocence.

Sonakshi questions Rajat about what proof he believes she needs to marry Rajat. She needs proof for herself and her family. From today, he’s dead to her. If Chacha Ji fails to prove her right today, she will file a case against them to learn from their mistakes. He is not the girl she wants to marry. Her father made an alliance with her and she agreed to it. She tells her dad that it is better to be alone than with a life partner. Preeta assures her that she’s not alone and that they are always there for her. Her family includes Srishti, Karan, and her siblings.

Chacha ji said that they behave like villains. Rajat’s family has had all of its marriages in a respectful manner. He will continue that tradition. Sonakshi requests him to stop speaking and prove his accusations. Chacha ji’s private investigator arrives with a piece of paper. He claims he did not want to share her past with everyone but she made him. He was informed by his detective that she was already married. He has two proofs. He has two proofs. One for her marriage, and one for her having a child. Everyone gets shocked. He says that babies are not born without marriage. He refers to a report that states she gave birth in May 2017 to a child. She recalls that her father admitted her to a hospital. Chacha ji states that the hospital report clearly indicates that Sonakshi gave rise to a baby. Preeta believes it could have been another Sonakshi. Is there any proof that the report is true? Sonakshi recalled her father disciplining her. Preeta informs Chacha Ji that Sonakshi is quiet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong. It’s a very disgusting accusation. Is that what she should be answering? Kritika wants to know why they do this. Rajat’s mother says that Karan’s mother is a woman and that she has stopped listening to all of this. Dadi says that this is all too much. Chacha ji tells Karan to call the child if it’s true. Sonakshi recalls her father telling Sonakshi what she did. She did not like Raichand’s reputation, and she made him feel bad. They will all laugh when the truth comes out.

Preeta tells Karan that he should leave. Sonakshi is unsure how to respond to the cheap accusations. Rajat tells her that Chacha Ji’s false accusation has surprised her more than Sonakshi. Because of this fake report, he called off his marriage. Chacha ji informs Preeta she talks well, but that won’t change any of the facts. Srishti defends Preeta, and insults Rajat. Rajat’s mother intervenes, and the fight between families continues.

Chacha ji said that he had been controlling Sonakshi until now because he didn’t want to damage her reputation. He will now have to reveal his father’s name. He claims that the report contains father’s name, and asks if anyone would be interested in reading it. Preeta took it before Karan, who was supposed to be taking it. She is shocked to learn the name of Karan Luthra. She falls to her knees. Karan’s mother tells Sherlin that she will bring lemon water. Sherlin believes that she is trying to find out who is named in the report. Mummy ji has sent her lemon water. She leaves.

Chacha ji instructs Kritika that she should tell all the people whose names are in the report. She is also shocked and doesn’t know what she should say. Chacha ji promises that he will tell everybody. He claims that the father of the child is Karan Luthra. Everyone is stunned. Karan calls it nonsense, and he then reads the report and is shocked.