Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Rajat calls Rajat’s mom to tie the knot. Rajat and Sonakshi stand for the rounds. They then take turns taking the rounds. As the rounds are completed, everyone claps. Next is sindhoor ritual. Chacha ji receives a call. He confirms that he wants to end the marriage. He gets confirmation and goes to Rajat. Rajat listens. Rajat raises his hand to stop Sonakshi from getting her maang. Everyone is stunned. He gets up and takes off his turban, garland and tosses them aside.

Sonakshi questions him about what happened. He dropped sindhoor, broke garland. He said that he didn’t want her to marry him. Sonakshi’s father says that he would have told him if there were any problems. Rajat claims he would have told him if he had known what he found out. Mahesh claims it is wrong to do such a thing in front of everyone. Rajat offers his apology, but says that he will not be able do this marriage. Sonakshi informs Rajat that he cannot insult her family. He tells her to keep quiet.

He is very angry and might say something he shouldn’t. Karan, Preeta, and other people intervene to find out what happened. He walks. Sonakshi stops him, and she says that she wants an answer. He said that he wanted to know why Sonakshi married him again after she was already married. He asks her why she kept her first marriage secret from him. He pushes her, claiming that she never got married. Chacha ji claims that they have proof, and that the proof will be there soon.

Sonakshi is mad. She states that if they don’t want to marry, that’s fine. But don’t lie. Rajat’s mother says that Chacha Ji tried many times to share with them her past. She said that the past didn’t matter. It did make a difference after she had a look at her past. Srishti recalled Rajat’s mother telling Chacha Ji to let the past stay in the past. Sonakshi is told by Rajat’s mom that she didn’t want the past to come into the present. However, marriage can only happen once in a lifetime.

It is the biggest decision in one’s entire life. Sonakshi claims that she has never married since this. Chacha ji said that no matter how hard one tries to conceal their past, the truth will always come out. Today, her past is exposed. How could she conceal such a huge thing and marry Rajat! Chacha ji is satisfied with what Yashvardhan has to say. He warns him to stop speaking against Sonakshi. Rajat’s mother informs Yashvardhan he is Rajat’s uncle. She also warns him not to speak further against Sonakshi.

They want a good bahu, just like any groom’s parents. Yashvardhan said that he can confidently state that Sonakshi has done no wrong. Rajat’s mother tells Rajat that if he doesn’t know anything about her past, it is his problem. Preeta intervenes and tells Achila to not say anything she might regret. Preeta is told by Achila that no one can be like her. Preeta asks Sonakshi if she was already married. Why would she want to marry again?

Rajat is surprised when Preeta says that she’s more impressed with Rajat than anything. He was the one asking Karan how to impress Sonakshi, proposing to him. He wanted to strengthen their relationship. What happened to all those talks, that trust and those dreams? He said he had a lot faith in her. Chacha ji refused to ask him about his mother’s past. Chacha ji and his mother have been so bitter about this. Everyone has been through. If the bride-to-be is already married, will that boy return to the marriage? Sonakshi cries. Preeta says that trust is the best foundation for all doubts. Why did he leave the mandap if he had trust? He didn’t see any evidence. Rajat claims that Chacha Ji said there was proof, and it will be coming in time. Preeta questions if that’s why he trusts him. Is that love? Sonakshi just met her and she can see that Sonakshi has never been married. He claims that all of this doesn’t matter because he isn’t doing this marriage. What will she do after she marries if he broke her trust? Sonakshi rushes to her bedroom.

Preeta tells Rajat that he should put the money he has lost in trust into his pocket. She tells Yashvardhan it’s good Sonakshi did not get married to that man. She walks to Sonakshi’s bedroom. Rajat is told by Yashvardhan to go with his family. Chacha ji informs him that he is acting as if the culprits are them and not his daughter. Yashvardhan states that he doesn’t want to hear anything against his daughter and yells at them all to leave. Chacha ji assures them that they won’t leave like this. He will send his private detector to expose Sonakshi, and prove that Rajat saved her.

Sonakshi weeps in her bedroom. She begins packing her bag. Preeta arrives and inquires about her activities. Sonakshi replies, “What else can she do?” Rajat even said she had fooled her, and she was being accused. She is mad at Rajat for making her think Rajat loved and she has a lot of anger about it. She believed they would live a happy marriage. He can have this marriage annulled by his mother, but she won’t give her character certificate. She knows her identity. Her family knows her. Preeta is sorry that she has dragged her family into this. Although she never intended to marry, her father made the alliance and she agreed. Her future was so planned, but now her life is not the same. She doesn’t want Rajat or his family to see her face. She’ll just go. Preeta says enough is enough. It’s great that Preeta found out before she married that the person she’s marrying didn’t trust her. True love can be a fighter, but he doesn’t abandon his partner. Rajat trusted a third person, and got up from her chair. She doesn’t have to think about him. This marriage ended. She doesn’t have to be sad. Running away from the problem is wrong. Is she sure she can live peacefully if she runs away from the accusations against her? Preeta encourages Sonakshi, to answer Rajat’s false accusations and to keep their accusation from coming back in the future. Sonakshi claims that no one can trust her even if she fights. Everybody wants proof that she is a girl. Where will she get the proof? Who will stand by her and support? Preeta promises to support her. This is the world. People accuse weak girls whenever they see them, sometimes for their own entertainment, and sometimes for their own gain. Many girls are oblivious to the accusations and simply accept them. She isn’t that girl. She is determined to fight for her rights. Sonakshi is motivated by her.