Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on Go-india.in

Episode starts with Preeta telling Karan that he’s her destiny. She first saw him once and didn’t like him. Then she realized that he’s a huge person with a lot of love and a big heart. He tells her that he is the perfect partner for her and she is very lucky to have him. He says that he is very lucky and that’s why he invited her into his life. He tells her that she laughed so much after meeting him. She believes that he has changed her and that she is complete with him by marrying him.

He is her strength, she says. He kisses her forehead, wipes her eyes and asks her not to cry. He informs her that he doesn’t know what she meant by how he looks now. He hugs her and she gives him compliments.

Sherlyn recalled how Kritika laughed at them. She asks Prithvi why he made Kritika so upset and he tells her to go. Prithvi says to himself that he didn’t want to be in this situation because it was Kritika who laughed at Sherlyn. Kareena questions Sherlyn about why he seems so upset. Sherlyn tells Kareena that she was insulted by someone. Once she has her revenge, her mood will remain the same. Prithvi hears the conversation and has an idea to please Sherlyn, but not hurt Kritika.

Karan informs Preeta she has forgotten something and shows Preeta his cheek. He kisses her cheek and she runs. Shrikant calls someone to ask them for some information. Rajat is taken by Shrikant. Srishti observes this. Yash questions her about Preeta. Karan and Rajat arrive there. Priest invites Rajat to the marriage ceremony. Shrikant attempts to stop Rajat from moving towards it, but Rajat insists that he can’t. Rajat asks him not to do this anymore and moves on. Achila asks Srishti for Sonakshi.

Karan teases Mahesh, saying that Rakhi needs someone better than him. Preeta helps Sonakshi get ready by going to her room. Sonakshi informs Preeta that Sonakshi is more than just a sister to her. She has become a part her family and can share all her experiences with her. Preeta tells Sonakshi to keep it civil and that this is a very special day for her. Sonakshi informs her that she cannot meet her every day, but she would love to learn so much from her. Srishti arrives and informs Sonakshi about Rajat’s waiting for her. Preeta, Srishti and Sonakshi take Sonakshi to the marriage madrasap.


Janki reminds Srishti of the fact that Sameer came to Lonavla. Srishti requests her to refrain from saying such things. Sameer listens to their conversation. Preeta is told by Karan that Rajat was a great guy and will keep Sonakshi happy.