Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2021 Upcoming Story: KRITHIKA GOES ON A BREAK AT HER UNCLE'S HOUSE

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2021 Upcoming Story: KRITHIKA GOES ON A BREAK AT HER UNCLE’S HOUSE

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The episode starts with Kareena packing Krithika’s bags. Kareena asks Krithika to go to her uncle’s house and have a break from all this negative atmosphere going on. Krithika refuses Kareena’s decision as she says that it’s her own house and why would she leave it because of anyone else.

Kareena does not listen to anyone, so Dadi asks Krithika to listen to Kareena as what she is saying is correct and they are not sending her permanently and she can come back whenever wanted. Kareena asks Rakhi to convince Krithika as whatever she is doing is for Krithika’s good sake.

Kareena blames Preeta as she is sending her daughter away for the first time and she thinks that all this is happening because of Preeta. On the other hand, Preeta starts missing Karan and Karan also misses Preeta but none of them accept. Karan was getting angry with Girish when he asked Karan about Preeta. Karan complains that Preeta should’ve opposed Sarla when she was taking Preeta away from him.

Shrishti calls Karan but Karan says that he has packed all the stuff of Preeta and will send everything and hangs the call-up. Preeta calls Karan again and tells him that he doesn’t have to make an effort to pack her clothes and adds that this is not an excuse to meet him. She would send Girish to take all her luggage and he doesn’t have to care about it. Preeta hangs the call-up but Shrishti says that I told you to sort the things out not to mess them up.