Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Prachi and Ranbir are shown enjoying themselves in the rain and dancing with each other in a romantic manner towards the beginning of the episode. Rhea arrives and is disturbed by the fact that they are having an affair with each other. He takes her pallu in his hands and draws her closer to him. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the lips. Rhea walks over to them with an umbrella in hand as they continue to dance with each other. She yells at them, telling them to stop dancing. They appear to be taken aback.

Mitali informs Tanu that she has overheard him remark that he doesn’t care and that she is free to go wherever she wants at any time. He stated that he did not accompany her to the hospital. She says this, but she has a sneaking suspicion that he has just said it.


Rhea informs them that Pallavi has called them and informed them that he will become ill due to the cold. Ranbir requests that she inform his mother that he has fallen in love with Prachi. He claims that it was because of her that he learned about love and how lovely rain can be. Prachi asks her not to say anything like that and pulls Ranbir along with her, while he requests to remain outside in the rain. Rhea examines their hands and predicts that he will soon take her hand in his.


Tanu assures Aliya that she would have been courteous in her dealings with Abhi. Mitali is perplexed as to why their romance hasn’t restarted. She advises them to apologise to Pragya first since, once they join a group, they will not be allowed to remain in the group. Tanu yanks her out of the room with her fist. She hears the knock on the door again and opens it to discover Pragya standing there. Pragya asks her to keep Abhi at a safe distance. She requests that the storey be started from the beginning. Tanu makes fun of her. Pragya claims he is still her husband, despite their divorce. She asks her not to enter her room if she has any ill will toward her. Pragya said she didn’t want to show her at first, but she has decided to do so today. She invites them to join her at the dinner table the following day.


Prachi enters her room and begins to change her clothes. She also wipes his hair, which causes him to sneeze. He claims this is a first for him because she was with him in the rain, which he describes as unusual. She inquires as to why he dislikes the rain. He claims that it is due to traffic congestion. He admits that it took him a while to get up to it until he saw her dancing in the rain. He describes his emotions when he first laid eyes on her. She has a good time. She inquires as to whether he was present. He responds affirmatively. He embraces her from behind, and then they embrace each other.


Rhea gets enraged as she recalls Prachi and Ranbir’s tight friendship with Ranbir. She receives a phone call from a buddy who inquires as to whether she went. She claims she became aware of her existence. She informs her that she is in a hotel since she had a disagreement with her spouse.


Pragya makes her way down the stairwell. The maids claim that they did not cook since she had requested that they not do so. After a while, Sushma appears and informs her that she has gone to the Temple. Dadi informs her that she has come to the room to express her regrets to her, to which Pragya politely declines. Tanu arrives with her family and inquires as to where breakfast is being served. Pragya informs me that there is no breakfast. She claims they didn’t care for her cooking, and as a result, Mitali will cook for them every day because they don’t care for anybody else’s. Shagun and Anchal are tasked with informing her of the location of the things. Mitali inquires of Tanu as to whether she brought her here to cook for her. She claims to have done well in chawl. Tanu requests that she phone her as soon as it is completed. Everyone departs at that point.


Rhea is pondering what she should do with her time while waiting to call Aliya. She informs her that she will be accompanying Ranbir to Bangalore. She informs her of her intentions. Rhea then notices Prachi tidying up in her room. Her smile fades away, and the screen becomes unresponsive.