Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Bhagya Kumkum Written Update: September 30th, 2021 Prachi is enraged. Rhea unleashes her rage on Prachi. Prachi stole her love, Ranbir, from her, and Pragya stole Abhi from her. Pragya has taken her away from Abhi, her beloved father, which she regrets. Rhea cries out in search of Abhi. Prachi, who didn’t realise Rhea was still the stubborn and insensible girl she used to be, takes out all of her aggravation on her. Rhea’s rage outburst on poor Prachi astounds Ranbir as well.

Prachi is innocent, he knows, and she did nothing to separate her parents. In front of Rhea, he supports Prachi, which enrages her even more. Prachi is told by Rhea that she despises her. As a reaction to Rhea, Prachi develops hatred. Because of her evil thinking, she declares that she will sever all of their blood links. Ranbir tells Rhea that he despises her and that he would never see her again. Rhea sobs as she realises that Ranbir has once again cast her out of his life.


Abhi, on the other hand, refuses to stop drinking. He invites Pragya to leave the house and take to the roads, but he refuses to leave his beverages. Pragya warns him about the perils that a beautiful woman can face on the road. He asserts that he believes she is capable of dealing with any situation. Pragya is seriously assaulted by some hoodlums on the side of the road. She prepared to confront them, but Abhi steps in to save the day by thrashing the thugs. Abhi and Pragya, as they always do, team together to combat the goons. Pragya is trying to persuade him to stop drinking for her sake.


Prachi rages: Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2021 Written Update


Pragya awaits Abhi’s arrival to take her home. She believes he didn’t leave the drinks to find her. She becomes agitated. Abhi searches the area for the alcohol bottle cap. Pragya, he believes, will return shortly. Baljeet approaches him and inquires about Pragya. Pragya is on her way, he says. She admits that giving him money to drink alcohol was a mistake. Pragya has implanted her words in Baljeet’s thoughts, he knows. She begs him not to be angry; he loved Pragya and still loves her, and he will never be able to ignore his feelings for her. He expresses his dislike for Pragya. Pragya is the subject of her inquiry. He deceives her by claiming she is having a bath. She inquires as to whether she takes a bath at night. He informs her that she wishes to remain fair and that she has taken a bath.


She expresses her want to speak with Pragya. He tells her to go to bed. Pragya, he believes, did not arrive until today. He decides to go outside and see if Pragya has realised her error. Tanu changes into a new avatar for Abhi’s sake. She wants Abhi to understand that she is the best; she has always stood by him, and she would never abandon him. Aaliya inquires about her desire to be appealing. She tells Abhi that she has to look good. She is self-assured about her appearance. Aaliya inquires if she still has feelings for Abhi.


Tanu does not believe Aaliya will comprehend. She is unsure whether or not she loves Abhi. She assures her that Abhi would always be there for her. Aaliya keeps a file hidden from her. Tanu interrogates her but receives no response. She’s off to seduce Abhi. Two men become inebriated and stroll down the road. They taunt Pragya when they see her. Pragya gives them a scolding for their eve-teasing. The man expresses his desire to marry her. She subdues the assailant with a gun. Pragya requests that they leave her alone. Abhi arrives at the location to teach the lads a lesson. He claims he didn’t come to take anything, but rather to throw a few punches at them. Pragya tells Abhi to leave them alone since she will take care of them.


Abhi makes fun of and taunts the boys. He claims that his rage will cause them to crumble. Pragya expresses her displeasure at Abhi’s drinking. They begin to quarrel in front of the guys. Abhi will not stop drinking. Pragya is Abhi’s wife, he says. The man expresses his desire to marry her. Abhi congratulates him and informs her that he will not be of assistance to her. She begs him to save her, and she promises to thank him. Abhi orders the lads to leave Pragya and instead take the alcohol. Abhi grabs their rifle and frightens them. The guys chuckle and say the rifle is empty of bullets.


The boys gather their buddies to form a team in order to exact vengeance on Abhi for his insult. They go after Abhi. Abhi is the one who fights them. He tells Pragya to simply flee. When Abhi is apprehended by the goons, Pragya smacks the goon in the face to punish him for injuring Abhi. Abhi begs her to save the young man’s life. Abhi returns the guy’s alcohol bottle to him. Rhea is worried by Prachi’s presence with Ranbir. She believes she has lost the support of Dida and Vikram. She inquires as to why Prachi has entered her life.


She admits that she is tired of acting nice to her. She accuses Prachi of taking Ranbir from her and destroying Abhi and Vikram’s friendship. Prachi inquires as to why Rhea suddenly turned against her. Rhea expresses her inability to stay with her. Ranbir inquires as to what is going on and why Rhea is being so harsh to Prachi. Rhea says she’ll never forget what he did to her. Ranbir claims that he has done nothing wrong. She chastises him for deceiving her. Dida and Pallavi reminded her to be courteous.


Vikram instructs her to speak quietly to them. Everyone knows how things went wrong, Rhea claims. She chastises Vikram and interrogates him over his breakup with Abhi. According to Vikram, it was all for the sake of business. She demands that he tell her the truth. Prachi, Vikram claims, is the one who kidnapped Ranbir from them. He claims that Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage caused him and Abhi troubles. Pallavi claims that she is also capable of telling the truth to her. They planned to make her their bahu, but Pragya married Prachi to Ranbir, so they felt deceived by Pragya. She reveals that Ranbir loves Prachi, but this does not imply that they will marry her to anybody else; they only wanted Rhea as their bahu. Hearing the conspiracies against them, Prachi and Ranbir are taken aback. Keep an eye out for updates.