Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Rhea urges Aaliya to be by her side at all times. Aaliya advises her to use caution. Rhea has a strong desire to harm Prachi and Pragya. Aaliya chuckles as she realises she will be the one to bring Pragya to ruin via her own daughter. Prachi’s tears are something she wants to witness. Pragya requests that Abhi drive slowly because he is intoxicated. He claims that he is not intoxicated, that he did not drink after she left, and that Baljeet came and emotionally blackmailed him after she departed. The automobile has broken down. She inquires as to how it came to a halt. He requests that the car respond to Pragya madam with information about how it broke down. He examines the engine of the car. She explains that she recently had her automobile serviced and that she is happy with it. He takes a look at the fuel tank. He claims that the car’s gasoline tank has run dry.

She confronts him with the question of why he didn’t check to see whether he was the driver. He explains that he had to come to her rescue in the middle of the night, without checking the fuel level. Before leaving, he inquires as to whether she has checked the time. She informs him that there may be danger for a female who walks out at night, and that he should have prevented her from going by leaving the beverages behind. He cautions her against putting herself in danger. He informs her that she has won today, but she is in danger of getting herself into serious trouble. He acknowledges that he has feelings for her. Pragya is relieved to learn that he still has feelings for her. He is on his way to seek assistance. He takes care of the fuel. In addition to believing that Abhi has come to her aid, she believes that her love has won the day.

Abhi picks her up and takes her home. Rhea, on the other hand, is perplexed as to why Prachi is behaving in such a peculiar manner. Rhea is dissatisfied with Siddharth. Prachi claims that she is unaware of how the situation came to be, but that their remarks do not affect their feelings for the person they love. She extols the virtues of Siddharth, who is unbeatable in battle. She urges Rhea to start over from the beginning. Ranbir has been taken care of, according to Rhea. Prachi informs Ranbir that he is childish and bothersome, and he requests that she admit her feelings for him in front of the family. She enlists the assistance of Rhea. Rhea is envious of the other girls. Prachi goes on to say that she will be humiliated by Ranbir’s state of health. Rhea instructs her to advise Ranbir that he should refrain from making such desires. Prachi approaches her and asks her to assist him. She claims that Rhea is extremely intelligent and capable of finding a solution.

Tanu and Aaliya are surprised to discover Abhi in the room. They are perplexed as to where he went to sleep at night. They are in possession of Abhi’s alcohol bottle. They are interested in learning how he got away from the alcohol. Mitali informs her that Abhi had gone to fetch Pragya and that they have returned. As soon as Pragya sees them, she tells them that they must leave her room. Tanu is asked to leave Pragya’s room by Pragya. She insults Tanu by reminding her of how Tanu had stolen her pocketbook and taken her to the police station. She directs them to their proper places and then kicks them out of the room. Pragya takes pleasure in causing them trouble. Prachi requests that Ranbir serve her his favourite dish. Ranbir doesn’t say anything to her. He writes a note for her.

Pallavi approaches Rhea and inquires as to if Siddharth has phoned. Siddharth had inquired about Rhea’s relatives, according to Rhea. Prachi takes the note from Ranbir and reads it. He insisted on her confessing her feelings for him. She flatly refuses. Prachi and Ranbir are exchanging notes under the table, which they find amusing. Rhea receives the note and passes it on to Prachi, who is delighted. He demonstrates to Ranbir that she is assisting him. Prachi is supposed to tell Ranbir that she loves him, and Ranbir wants her to say it. Dida is overjoyed to be able to enjoy the rain. Pallavi warns her that if she goes, she would become unwell. Ranbir informs Dida that he will call her. Prachi instructs Pallavi to phone Dida on her behalf because she will not listen to Ranbir. Prachi informs Rhea that she intends to express her feelings for Ranbir in front of everyone.

Dida does a dance in the rain. Ranbir warns her that if she continues to stand in the rain, she may become ill. Dida expresses her fondness for rain. She doesn’t pay attention to what he has to say. She looks forward to the rain. Ranbir and Prachi, on the other hand, are enjoying the rain. Prachi informs Ranbir that everyone is present and that she wishes to express her feelings for him. Prachi is instructed to repeat it loudly by Ranbir. Rhea becomes dissatisfied when she discovers them having a romantic relationship. Prachi fulfils Ranbir’s request as she confesses her feelings for him. Ranbir and Prachi are having a romantic evening in the rain. When Rhea discovers their relationship, she becomes enraged. Please continue reading.