Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya on September 28, 2021 Rhea was shocked. Ranbir is irritated by Prachi’s decision to send him away with Rhea. He was looking forward to spending time with Prachi. He inquires as to why she has such a big heart and always thinks of others first. He also wants Prachi to become egotistical for the sake of her affection. Prachi informs him that Rhea requires his assistance and that he should take her to Siddharth. She trusts Ranbir and lets him go, knowing that he would always love her. She inquires as to whether he will offer his heart to another person. He informs her that he will not see anybody else till he is with her. Prachi thinks he’s cute and gives him a hug. Rhea observes their exchange and anticipates Ranbir’s arrival. She wants to use her love to cast a spell on Ranbir and make him forget about Prachi.

Rhea runs into Abhi and Pragya on the road. She is curious as to why Abhi is posing as Pragya’s servant. She dials Aaliya’s number to inquire. She asked Aaliya to keep Abhi and Pragya apart. By driving the car, Abhi transports Pragya to the office. He is her bodyguard, office peon, and driver. He is content to try to improve his self-esteem. Pragya had shoved Abhi down the stairs in an attempt to kill her, Aaliya tells Rhea. Pragya’s desire to kill Abhi astounds Rhea. Pragya has publicly humiliated Abhi by forcing him to serve as her slave. Continue reading for a complete update.

Prachi and Ranbir have a nice moment when she tells him that she will kiss him to persuade him. He begs her to intervene and prevent him from leaving. She asks him not to make a big deal out of it. He expresses his inability to live without her. If he misses her, she asks him to look at her image. He informs her that she is his analgesic. Se instructs him to imagine he is in the workplace, engrossed in his work and unable to think of her.

He expresses his unwillingness to leave. She begs him not to hold it against her. She says she won’t be able to refuse the family. He begs her to concoct an excuse so that he can be saved. She predicts that Rhea will be upset. He assures her that she should accompany him to the wedding since they would have a great time and Rhea will not be upset. She inquires as to who will work in the house if she joins him. She informs him that if he leaves, she would be free of him. He warns her not to take him lightly, saying that if she manages to get him away, anybody else can win him. She inquires as to whether he will become of someone else.

He claims to be a one-woman man who will always be of her till he is with her; if he falls in love with someone else, he will remain loyal to that person. Rhea is determined to win Ranbir for the rest of her life. She intends to win his heart and keep him away from Prachi. Prachi tells Ranbir that no one can stand him because he reminds her of her. If she loves Ranbir, he begs her to hit him. She warns him that if she punches him to prove how much she loves him, he will be wounded. He wants her to say something. She has no desire to defeat him.

He jokes that she doesn’t love him anymore because they’ve been married for two years. Prachi declares her love for him. He advises them to cultivate and maintain their affection for one another. He gets a little dramatic. She claims that he has high expectations. He informs her that unless she confesses her love for him, he would not speak to her. He invites her to make a public declaration of love in front of the family. She requests that he not make things difficult for her.

In the meantime, Abhi works in Pragya’s office. She reminds him that they must act in a married couple’s manner. He claims that a supervisor and an employee can get married. He reminds her of her upcoming salary. She is aware that he is requesting a wage in order to purchase booze. She informs him that she does not have the funds to pay him at this time. Except for the alcohol, she asks him to buy everything he wants. She hands over her credit card to him. She claims to have paid the garage owner the money.

Abhi discovers that she is bothering him by preventing him from drinking. He claims that he has self-respect and that he will find a method to make money; it is not a major concern for him. If she can, he challenges her to stop him from drinking. Rhea too wants to look her best and bring back memories of their college days for Ranbir. She blames herself for sending Ranbir to the college to befriend Prachi. She decides to go shopping. Pallavi said that Ranbir initially refused to go, but later consented to Prachi’s request. Prachi, she believes, has a lot of power over Ranbir. Pallavi says she prefers Rhea, who was supposed to be Ranbir’s wife.

Dida advises her to refrain from blaming Prachi all of the time. In the market, Rhea notices Abhi. She has a strong desire to meet him. She no longer sees Pragya with him. Rhea is irritated by Abhi’s service to Pragya. Rhea is perplexed as to why Abhi has come to see her. Pragya does not love her, she knows. She believes that everyone is out to get her. She’s plotting to kidnap Ranbir from Prachi. She dials Aaliya’s number to express her feelings. She claims to have seen Abhi working for Pragya.

Rhea is set against Pragya by Aaliya. She explains that Abhi is Pragya’s bodyguard and driver, and that she has hired him as her servant. She adds that the entire family came to Pragya’s house for Abhi’s safety, since Pragya is planning to murder him. Rhea has faith in Aaliya. She asks Aaliya to look after Abhi.