Kumkum Bhagya Jan 25, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Prachi telling the staff and the lady about the description of a house, and says that the home is built with memories, happy family sounds, sometimes crying, joys and sorrows. She looks at the family photo and says it’s beautiful, there are some doodles made by your children, and you kept it, because it’s their memory. She says that even we did these things in childhood and got beaten up by Maa. She says that the sofa must be an antique and that you and your husband must have sat on it having tea. She says you can’t leave him. She then promises her that if she gives her house to the builder, they will install her house on the top floor of the building with technology. Employee says it’s too expensive. Prachi says we have planned all the facilities for the children and says that 200 families will stay here and their lives will be improved. She says we’re going to lift everything using technology and we’ll be on the top floor. She says you will look from your house and see 200 families. The old lady gets emotional and says she’s going to sign.

Dida gives prasad to Pallavi and says that he prayed for Ranbir’s project. Ranbir arrives there and listens to them. Pallavi says he hasn’t received a project for many days, his bosses are good and this bid is necessary for him. Dida says he doesn’t know when Mata Rani will make everything okay. Aryan reaches there and calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks Pallavi to do gajar ka halwa. They ask if he got the project. Ranbir lies that he got the project. Pallavi and Dida are happy and bless him with a hug.

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